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What kind of batteries do you use?

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I buy all of my NiMH batteries/chargers/accessories from Thomas Distributing. They have quite a variety of NiMH batteries on there with brands like Maha, and Nexcell.

I think I understand that the higher the mAH the better (in terms of usage). But you know what, I think I've also noticed a difference with performance.

What type of NiMH batteries do you use? Or are you still on the NiCAD wagon? Are you using alkaline? (you must get on NiMH if you are!)

My preference are the MAHA 1550 mAH's. I run them to power my portable headphone amp and my Sony CD player.
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I'm using the RadioShack 1.2V 1500mAh AA Ni-Mh Batteries for portable use.
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I use the Maha Powerex NiMH 1600 mAh AA. I bought these from Thomas Distribution earlier this year. Great batteries. I bought them to replace the orignial batteries in my Creative Labs Jukebox w/c gave me about 3-4 hours fully charged. That was a-typical of the battery performance. Lots of people said they were getting an hour, max!

The Powerexes also run my Sony CDP and MD.

Highly recommended battery, purchased from a well-respected company.

Regards - reynman
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I'm using GP 1700mAh on my sony discman, digital camera, etc. They seem to run forever!!!!
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silly rabbit...

Alkaline all the way... I get cases of them for under $120... 288 AA cells (Sanyo 2,750mAh) which have almost double the runtime of the worlds best nimh, and you can just throw them away... yea, it's more expensive than rechargables, but much easier and longer runtime for things that are constant drain (bursty high-drain things like digicams with LCD panels, nimh actually runs longer) But for CDPs and pocket amps, trash the planet dude... use em up, chuck em. no recharging.
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I'm using the RadioShack 1.2V 1500mAh AA Ni-Mh Batteries for portable use.
Same here.. except mine are 1600mAh.
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Originally posted by Apheared
for CDPs and pocket amps, trash the planet dude... use em up, chuck em. no recharging.
Heheh.. I actually kinda have fun with the recharging. At the office we have a couple recharge units and a butt-load of batteries we keep in a bin, fully charged, and every morning I just swap 'em out. About once a week I change my portable-amp batteries (8 AA's - keep all of them in perfect order).

The brick of AAs doesn't sound like a bad idea.. where do you get 'em from Apheared? Online?
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I use some rayovac 1600Mah NiMHs. They are $10 for four here, I can't imagine something being much more cost effective. Not only that, but they last forever.
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Alkalines suck.

Right now I'm using the Sony BP-DM20 NiMh 1200mah battery pack in my Sony discman. It's the one that's designed to fit this discman and recharge in the unit. It runs for about 9 hours compared to 16 for alkaline. I personally don't need the extremely long battery life because I'm never away for long. My battery pack is about 3 years old now and has many thousands of hours of use on it so I'm planning on replacing it with some Radioshack Nimh AA's. I'll just modify my Sony Discman so that it thinks I have the Sony rechargeables in it that way it will recharge them.

Apearhead, to me alkalines are more hassle. If I used them I'd have to take them out whenever they die and then put in new ones. Also I'd have to go buy more every once in a while which means making a trip to the store. With the Nimh you can just plug in the cd player to the ac adaptor and it will charge them up. Also the NiMH batteries (at least my Sonys) seem to hold charges for a long long time.

Almost everyone here seems to use NiMH.
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Im currently using a Dcell alkaline batterypack for my CDp but once I get my digital camera Ill be switching to rechargable NIMHs.
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For my D777 / DE-J825 / MZ-R55 portable gear, I use the Sony 1400mah Stamina batteries... they simply last forever... especially in the 825... it lasts for about 60 hours with the standard 600mah nicads and a pair of Sony Stamina AAs... swap the gum batteries to the 1400mah ones... and... well, the unit just keeps going and going... I haven't actually timed it, but I'm sure its well in excess of 100 hours before the unit needs recharging.

Even with the power hungry D777 I get about 40 hours out of a pair of 1400mah and AA Stamina batteries!!
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e squared

i am using the new energizer batteries. They last forever, and can dump loads of current. Use them in my vivitar 283 flash. Regualr batteries die after 2 rolls, these last 5+. After that i take them out and use them in till they are dead. The chrage time is also halfed from what regular alkalines use. They get about 25-30 solid hours play in my panasonic sl-s650. which drives the sennheiser 600's just fine thank you.
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I buy from same place. Pretty good price and service. I do a lot of digital picture taking here. so I use the 1800mAh ones ( AA)I have 8 of these fatties..

Even the Duracell best ones cant deal with the High demanding currents that Digital CAmera draws.

IMO, 1600mAh are great , most bang for the buck

I have about 20 of them( all 1600mAh+8 1800mAh) in my digital battery bag FULLY charged at ALL times.

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Would different batteries affect the sound outputed by a portable player?
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I use the 8 1800mAh AAs that came with my Nomad Jukebox. Those things are *sweet*.
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