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Review Schedule Needs Revising....

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....because I fell behind again.

I'm sorry, folks, but my work schedule has made it virtually impossible for me to stay on schedule. As such, it appears I'll have to push some of the reviews a couple of days back or so. I will revise the Head-Fi front page review schedule later when I get a better idea of when I feel confident I can complete the next few.

Again, my apologies.
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Jude dude.

You've got to get your priorities straight.

Your duties to your many admirers come FIRST.

None of this work stuff. You know work's a four letter word.

You can skip a couple of payments this month. You really don't need to get all wrapped up in all this outside stuff. Audio and your breathless audience FIRST.

Or we can just wait until your real priorities, same as most of ours, get handled and you get back to your avocation. I know how things can crunch up.

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