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FS: PSE Studio One preamp

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This a very nice PSE Studio One solid state preamplifier, originally sold for $975 in 1979. I bought it used about 6 years ago, but have since moved to all tube equipment. Excellant visually and sonically, attenuated volume control a tad scratchy but not too bad for it's age. Very nice phono stage for MM and high output MC. 5 line inputs. Incredible array of tone equalization or bypass. Sorry, but no headphone jack. Will sell for $120 shipped. Paypal or money order. I have good feedback via Ebay(manfred8) and audiogon(manfred88)

E-mail for jpeg, too big to up-load.

Thanks, Tom
Portland, Oregon
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bump-price dropped to $100 shipped
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Is it still available?

Although long ago.
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PSE Preamp

PSE preamp sold.
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