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Soldering headphone jacks - help ?

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I am trying to solder a new headphone jack to a pair of iems - unfortunately its not as simple as most youtube vids suggested. My colors dont match at all with anything I found on the internet.


I have 4 wires (pic attached) which i am trying to solder to the jack (pic attached). How can I tell which end to solder where ? I do not have a fancy resistance metering gadget thingy that people suggested in previous threads :(


Iems area pair of nuforce 800.


pics are here (Click to show)



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Looks like you are doing TRRS for balanced? Multimeters can be had for $5, you're going to have to pony up unless someone knows this specific color scheme. My guess is red is right and blue is left, and each clear is ground, but every headphone is different. You'd need to measure resistance between the wires to see which two are connected to one driver, you'll get a resistance measurement of whatever the impedance of the headphone is if the two wires connect to a single driver, then at least you'll have that information. Are the cables removable from the IEM? What are you plugging into? ...all this stuff matters. 

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Hello ae100. I looked up the specs for the 800's. They are wired into a standard stereo 3.5mm plug. This means both channels use the same ground connection. That will be the two light colored wires. As HIGHFLYiN9 suggests and i agree the reds is right channel and the blue is the left channel.

  So first off you have the wrong jack as your's has 4 connectors. You need to get one with the standard 3 wire connection, (stereo 3.5mm jack). Cheaper than a meter, but a meter is always handy to.

  With the proper jack you will solder:    -blue to the tip connector on the jack's tab. (left)

                                                      -red to the ring connector on the jack's tab. (right)

                                                      -Both other wires are soldered to the ground tab. (gnd)

                                                      -Screw on the jack's cover and plug in to listen.

I will tell you that a hot soldering iron will be needed to melt the enamel off of the wires surface at the ends. (It is the wire's insulator) (blue tinted enamel, red tinted enamel, etc). When it is melted off, the wire will take solder and you can attach to the tab for a proper solder joint. If the enamel coating is not hot enough to melt, the wire will not solder to the tab and it will not work out for you. Bit of a pain but it's not so big deal. You will catch on quickly as we all do.

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