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Need help replicating an expensive medical device that uses a speaker

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This is the medical device : http://www.dymedso.ca/site_usa/patient/en/frequencer_v2_easy_to_use.htm

You can hear what it sounds like here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXbJWYRvxOU

This paper describes how it works (Page 10) : http://www.dymedso.ca/pdf/White%20paper_rev0_Sept20_041.pdf
The above document contains a lot of valuable information and some math regarding how the Frequencer works (page 19).

The device uses sound waves to create vibrations inside the patient's chest to help dislodge thick mucus.

I need a driver that can generate frequencies between 20Hz and 65Hz. It has to be around 6 inches and not too heavy. From the little that I understand about speakers, this seems like a tall order. How can I achieve this?

Thanks for your help.

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medical devices are regulated by health authorities to make sure that they safe and efficacious. If you replicate this (maybe because its cheaper) you may damage yourself or the patient. While sometimes a particular device appear obvious in their design and thus easy to replicate, a lot of engineering is behind that to make sure the action of the device is safe and efficacious. 


I have browsed a bit through the white paper (which is quite concise), particularly throught the section describing the sequencer. It appears that the its not very trivial (check "Mechanical principles behind the Frequencer’s effectiveness in clearing mucus from airways"). 


If its any help, I have found Louis Plante's patent (https://www.google.ch/patents/US7445607) describing the device in a more details.


Overall, I anticipate that it wont be trivial to replicate a working, safe and efficacious version of the device. It'll need a fully equipped electronics lab (e.g. oscilloscope, frequency generator etc).


If you cannot afford the device I would suggest to ask Dymedso nicely if they can send you a machine for lower price or no fee. Potentially you can also source a used device... 


I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the link to the patent.

There is nothing dangerous about replicating this device unless you think that standing in front of gigantic speakers and taking in all the bass for a prolonged time at a concert can be harmful. The guy who invented this device made his first prototype out of a large subwoofer in his garage. As the patent says, it's "generating acoustic waves of a frequency in a range of about 30 Hertz to about 120 Hertz and of an amplitude in a range of about 10 Watts to about 50 Watts". There is really nothing fancy about how this device works. It's a speaker connected to a controller that you apply on your chest.

The reason they cost so much is not because they are costly to develop or manufacture or because they are super fancy, but because US insurances accept to pay for these insane prices so they are milking them. The device the most used in Cystic Fibrosis in the US is called a "vest" and it's just as expensive even though it's basically an air compressor connected to an inflatable vest.

If Dymedso had been selling these devices for cheap to people who can't afford it, I would have heard about it. They're a company from around here and no one here that I know of has insurance that will cover these.

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