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Switch Box

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For some years I've been looking for a high quality switch box that enables multiple sources to be connected to the single input of a headphone amp, rather than continually swapping cables.

I've decided that the best solution is probably to make my own.

I have in mind using high quality parts such as Cardas plugs and Chord solid cable, but don't really know what sort of switch to use. Can anyone suggest a high quality rotary switch that would allow five or six inputs to be connected (as well as an idea of how to wire it up)?

If anyone would be willing to build such a device for me (at a profit, of course), I'd also be interested in hearing from them.

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Why don't you just get a pre-amp and mod out the attenuation stage?
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Thanks for the suggestion, but ... huh???
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use the tape out of a preamplifier,this is before any volume or tone controls . Another option is to use a quality rotary switch to select the inputs.Actually a damn easy buid , would be a nice beginner project
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Wouldn't a passive preamplifier be what you are looking for? Passive preamplifiers don't add any gain. All you would have to do, if I'm not mistaken, is turn the volume control on the passive preamplifier up to unity gain and then use your headphone amp to adjust the volume. Or vice-versa.

Anyway, here are some passive preamplifiers you might want to look into:
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Thanks for the suggestions, but I've tried preamplifiers (though not passive preamplifiers). The tape output buffering circuit always degrades the sound, though some are worse than others.

I also want something simple that can just be plugged into another headphone amp or preamp (since ideally it will have two line outputs).

It should be pretty simple to build, but not simple enough for my very limited soldering skills - I can only solder things if they're big, like speaker cables and spades. Anything smaller - like the tiny tabs that rotary switches have - always end up a big ball of molten solder.

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If you're not comfortable with soldering, you might want to consider the Moth Audio PS5. It's a completely passive selector that doesn't even use a rotary switch, so there should be virtually zero crosstalk. All the wiring is point to point.
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Thanks, I wasn't aware of that product. It looks perfect for the job - but $395 for a switch box? Hmmm, that will slow down my Max purchase by a few months.

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If you're looking for something a bit cheaper, check out the DecWare Rotary Selector ($99). Go to:
and scroll down to the very bottom of the page.
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By the way, this input selector is high quality and has loops that make it easy to wrap the wire prior to soldering, making soldering a breeze:
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Thanks. That Dact rotary switch still looks too tricky for my hamfisted soldering abilities. I don't think I could get the wires into those tiny little holes.

The Decware one looks perfect - I'm going to buy this.

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