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Before I came to Head-Fi, I was at least somewhat audio-philed.

Home: Foobar2k (CDs and 192kbps MP3s) > Chaintech AV710 > ratshack gold series mini to mini > OPA2134 CMoy (wall power only) > Audio Technica ATH-A500
Away: Sharp MD-DS8 > Sharp HP-MD33
MD recording: Sony MDS-JE630 out of AV710 optical output

And now...

Home: CDs > Cambridge Audio D500SE > DIY magnet wire ICs > DIY maxed PIMETA (AD8620/8610, 2x buffer stack, ALPS RK27, 4x 470uF Elna Cerafine rail caps, 1.0uF Wima MKS C4, gain 3) > Beyerdynamic DT440
Away: iPod Mini Pink > DIY CMoy (OPA2227, 2x 470uF Jamicon rail caps, no input caps, gain 3, no volume pot) > Shure E3c

And I'm eyeing parmetal cases and thinking about Front Panel Express layouts in eager anticipation of the PPAv2 board release... mmm, PPAv2 with STEPS and matched resistors and Elna SILMIC II rail caps and... AD8610s... mmmm...

Man, I need to go to the mall or buy cute undies or something. I think I might be losing girliness just thinking about this.
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Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer
I think you just won the "most well endowed head-fier to join in the seond half of '04" award Too bad I don't live down the street. Oh look, time to move!
I am gonna have to clear some of this stuff. I have already started a little bit but I really don't like selling stuff off. If I sell it it annoys me and if I keep it it clutters up my room.

Actually I live round the corner from you.
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Before I came here, I had:

iPod + stock buds
Toshiba SD-330E for CD duties on the main rig

Now I have added the following:
NAD C521BEE for CD on the main rig

Shortly to add once the parts arrive:
Several new homemade cables for the HD-600
Goodness knows what else after the UK Nottingham Meet .

Not as bad as some, but I'm off to a good start .
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joined head-fi with an archos jukebox and a pair of $5 sony headphones. when i had that setup i was listening to music. now i have an ipod and some shure e2c and i dont listen to music any more... i enjoy it
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In the beginning . . .

Sennheiser 545s
Grado SR125s
Adcom preamp - headphone jack

Then came Head-Fi and . . .

Audio Technic A900
Sennheiser PX200
Sennheiser HD580
AKG K501
Beyerdynamic DT880
Sennheiser HD650
Stax Classic II

JMT Pimeta
Eddie Current HD300

Music Hall MMF-25
NAD C542
M-Audio Transit

And cables, let us not forget cables.

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Before head-fi I had nothing! Soon after head-fi I bought the HD590's. I just recently sold the 590's and bought the Grado SR-60's. Now I'm looking for a used pair of AT a900's to temporarily complete my collection.
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before head-fi:

Koss portapros
grado sr-80
cheap mp3 pcdp

before head-fi reg (just lurking every so often)
mz-n707 md player

post-reg (really, though, this since june 2004):

bought a900
bought m-audio transit
bought cmoy
bought emu 0404
bought go-vibe
sold md player
sold transit
bought creative zen xtra (and replaced 30 gig with 60 gig)
bought k501
sold a900
bought cable upgrade for k501
bought s5 k-12m
sold go-vibe
bought 0404 mods (browndog, 2x opa627's)

whew! I hope i didn't forget anything!

oh yeah, CURSE YOU HEAD-FI!!!!
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Pre Head-fi:

Grado SR-60
Audigy Platinum

After Head-fi:

Senn HD580
Beyer DT770 (2)
Senn HD600
Sony CD3000
SinglePower MPX3 (2)
Gilmore V1
Gilmore V2-SE

Currently Have:

DT770 recabled
CD3K with HP1000 drivers
CD3K with K1000 drivers (well that'll be arriving in the near future)
Dynahi (arriving tomorrow!!)
Melos SHA-1 Gold Reference
Music Hall Maverick w/ level 1 mods
Panamax 5510

CURSE you Head-Fi
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Since I joined headfi:

Grado SR 225 Headphones - 200 dollars
Perreaux SXH-1 rev .5 amp - 150 dollars
DiMarzio Interconnects - 100 Dollars
Goldring GR1 Turntable - 350 Dollars
M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 - 100 Dollars
Rio Karma - 250 Dollars
Ohm Model B speakers - Hand-me-down
AKG 501 - 150 Dollars

A total of $1300!!!! - All in only a few months!
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Before headfi = Apple Powerbook, Etymotic 4P

After headfi = Apple Powerbook, Etymotic 4P, Alessandro MSPro, Audio Technica W2002, Cary 300sei w/ Tungsol Roundplate, Sylvania 6sn7w, Emission Labs 300b, Poth Audio modified DAC, Poth Audio cables

Total..... a lot. I shudder to think. lol
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i came here to search for reviews on ex-71's..

so far i've left with those as well as d66 eggo's, inline remote for my hd1, a MINT amp and litz interconnects in the building stage, and a headroom airhead and pair mdr-xd400 on the way.

this place is financial suicide, but my ears are so happy!
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I can (sometimes) justify the thousands I put into audio equipment, but what always bugs me the most is the 14.99 they want for CD's. Actually HKD200 (USD25) since all that's avaliable around here is bad pirated stuff.

A big purchase like expensive headphones or amp will cause everyone here to think twice. But 15 bucks for a CD, won't kill anyone's wallet, until you start to consider just a modest 50 CD collection is around $750.

Curse you head-fi. I've just purchased a Slappa 360 CD case because my 240 and 160 cases are full. That's like $6K in CDs and another $5K when the 360 is filled.
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I have EX71's...haha I guess it hasn't gotten to me yet
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Thread Starter 
Should I add CDs to the running list? I stopped buying CDs around '99, relying on the crap i found online. But now it's all about getting CDs to have decent copies on my computer. I really don't want to say how many new CDs I've gotten since I joined head-fi...

And someone stop me, I just joined the first page posters club. OMG I'm the only one on there who joined in '04. And I joined halfway into '04 too.

And just bought AKG K501s. For my friend, I swear!
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Originally Posted by Jahn
And someone stop me, I just joined the first page posters club. OMG I'm the only one on there who joined in '04.
And fyi, in the first five pages, there are only 7 people who joined in 2004 (and only 2 on the first three pages).
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