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*looks at your DAC*

*looks at the DAC-ah on the desk*

uh, wanna swap?
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I had a chance to see this in person today, and it was very nice.

Great work Nate!
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Originally Posted by n_maher View Post
Fine, fine, here's the update promised last night...

Post #3975

Awesome work Nate. The transport and DAC look awesome. Top loaders are so cool.

Now all you have to do is fix your M³ so that you can finish my balanced β22.

*tries the Bugs Bunny confusion tactic*

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Originally Posted by Jahn View Post
having multiple iPods instanly qualifies you for this thread. Welcome to the Team!
I do have another ipod shuffle hanging in the "now" photo on the right. And I have a creative Muvo that I hid in shame (it was my very first Mp3). Anyway, thanks I'm honoured to join this club.

I've seen some sexy stuff here on head-fi but that DAC is really up there with the sexiest I've ever came across. Nice upgrade man. I'm referring to m_maher.
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That is a sweet-looking transport Nate, I like how compact it is. And that DAC, whoa! USB and coaxial input and balanced output? I want one too, can I commission you to build another?

Post #4,299 - Balanced Doubles

A return to the Lounge with a Curse-worthy upgrade finally - not just one, but two balanced headphones! The APureSound-balanced ATH-AD2000, with the Equinox-balanced K701! Thanks to [AK]Zip for his work on both of them, as he installed the Equinox for me and shipped the K701 to me in time for the recent NorCal regional meet! Now all I need to do is wait for my Equinox LE for the HD650...

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well i just spent a load of cash...not sure if i'm eligible to post in here ^^;
i started with a hand me down Technics SL-XP350 with Sony neckband headphones then bought a Sony D455 CDP and bought a hell lot more headphones/earphones. some of the more memorable ones would be the Pro.2 PH1000 (eggo look alike except gold), Panasonic hje50, Sony ex71sl and the best of the lot the Grado SR60s. I didn't have the money to buy the iPod at that time so i skipped it all together until...

my aunt gave me her old 3rd gen iPod. Then the craze started. I bought an Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro then bought the Xtra X1 headphone amp with default IC. Within the week i sold the Xtra X1 away, ordered a Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed. Bought a better cable from a local DIYer. I then started to buy cables and experiment getting different sounds myself. Also built a cMoy while waiting. Then my Portaphile came. Still not satisfied with the sound i searched for a 4th gen iPod and sent it to Vinnie. Bought a Ultimate Ears Super.Fi EB. Got my iMod back recently with an iTank and DIYed a Mini3 and my own home brewed cable (Silver n Gold costs a bomb...). And just when i thought i can save up for customs...G.A.S kicks in and i bought a Warwick 5 string corvette basic bass guitar ><

Hope i pass the 'curse-of-head-fi' club test

Some pictures...hope you guys don't mind...IF its too much i'll take them down.

3rd Gen iPod > DIYed IC > Xtra X1 > UE Super.Fi 5 Pros

New Portaphile!



HomeGrownAudio IC

Line Out Dock

99% Silver 1% Gold IC


DIYed IC (that costs about 100USD just for materials )

Current Rig Syncing

My bass

EDIT: oh i forgot...CURSE YOU HEAD-FI and maybe Jahn too...guitars are poisonous.
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That's a lot of DIY cables... Nice.
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actually theres more but i wouldn't want to show them..way too ugly
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Thanks for the kind words on the DAC guys, I hope to have the final details wrapped up in a week or so, after which I'll take some glamor shots of her.

And Mark, not to worry man, your beta, I mean your M³ officially made it onto the bench last night.
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Great pics... I guess you can find some deals out there if you look.
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Originally Posted by koike View Post
well i just spent a load of cash...
Well that qualifies you right there Portables can be even more addicting than home stuff to tweak, I must have gone through tons of mini to minis and dock combos and...you name it! Even amps! I have to say that I stuck with Apple DAPs tho, since i'm a slave to iTunes.

Oh, my regrets to the passing of your avatar, Mr. Hard. Since we all know in Japan the surname comes first
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I love my Oppo dealer. Solutions A/V has a direct exchange warranty for their Oppo products, so I basically sent in my IR-blind 970HD and paid an extra 15CAD to upgrade to a 980HD.

It looks so much better, and sounds just as good, if not better. Oppo's learning, their new design is much slicker than the 970HD. It looks much more pro, fitting in with more expensive home theater equipment nicely. It reminds me of an Arcam.

The new lighting is also MUCH improved. Blue is much nicer than the crappy orange on the 970HD. No card reader, but I never used it anyways.

And this one has controls on the case!

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UH OH I WANT THAT OPPO. My old Oppo is still going strong tho so...argh what to do!
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I've decided that the next thing I buy is an Oppo. Gotta save up some money first though, 'cause I also need a new amp. Millet Max perhaps...
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The curse has struck again, in this case with the awesome "Strawberry Donuts", which are very highly tweaked and modified Yamaha YH-100 Orthodynamics, made by our own swt61:

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