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Best "Damping" Material?

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I'm looking at modding my mdr-z7. There is a pretty popular mod by Whitigir which basically involved laying surgical tape along the chamber behind the driver. The smokingman used another material I couldn't quite figure out. My question is, before doing this, is there any other materials to consider and what the trade-off would be?


Also, I'm curious to responses to total thickness of the damping material (or is it dampening?). The chamber behind the driver is relatively spacious, and I was wondering, what would happen if I totally filled it in with some damping material.



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Sure, there are plenty of things to try:


  • Foam
  • Felt
  • Cotton
  • AcoustaStuf
  • Polyester Batting
  • BlueTac
  • Asphalt sheets
  • Dynamat or similar knockoff
  • Butyl sheets
  • Transpore tape


Each has a different effect. I tend to prefer Dynamat, Felt, Foam and the transpore tape is handy for T50RPs. The best thing to do is experiment... you'll have to open up the chamber several times before you get things where you want them.

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Also Sorbothane, about the only material specifically designed to dampen mechanical vibrations.  However I am talking about mechanical vibrations in the body of the headphones, which arises from Newton's third law, ie. the same amount of energy going out from the drivers is also going back into the drivers enclosure. Aside from Sorbothane there are other companies working on this problem, Grado has a proprietary polycarbonate in its e-series phones, B&W and Audioquest use unspecified material and Sennheiser uses  what it calls a "space age" "polymer" in its HD800  (and I would imagine in its ultra costly H2)  Sorbothane is a polymer as well, so they could be using it or something similar since its patent ran out about 2000. 


Most people think of damping as the use of foam, felt or similar materials to absorb, normally treble in the air.  This may be fine if you need/want something between a driver and your ear.  That's not what I am talking about here.  I don't recommend blutack, it is an adhesive, not a damping material.  I made specific comparisons with sorbothane in my thread and it did very little compared to the same amount of sorbothane. However i am sure if you add large quantities it will do more but sorb is better. 


If you want to try it, I recommend 1/4 to 1/2 self-stick 70 duro sorb.  See my thread in this forum. 

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What about drum damper pads like 'Moongel' ?


Although chemically it may be similar to Sorbothane.

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I've been searching for a supplier of memory foam for dampening and custom cushions, but the best I can find is $30 mattress toppers. A bit overkill. You can buy shredded memory foam, but I doubt that would suit either of those needs well...

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