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I just grafted a set of earbuds onto an apple earbud with mic cord.  The non mic side was fairly simple, just two wires for ground and channel and a 'cord for strength'.


But on the left side there was a ground, channel, and a third cord which I would have assumed would be for the mic.


So I soldered the channel onto an earbud driver, and the ground and 3rd cord I 'grounded' together on the other solder point on the driver.


It works!


But after looking at the diagram of the cord, it seems that the 3rd cord is 2 cords in one.  It's Mic and Ground for mic




At this point everything is crazy glued back together.  The microphone voice quality tests the same, but the owner hasn't got back to me in regards to the button functions.


If I do this again, do I really need to do anything with that weird 3rd wire?  Is it routed up past the microphone to add some 'cord for strength' between the mic and the earbud?