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I apologize if this has been discussed before. I searched & could not find anything on the topic, but there's no way I'm the first to think of it.


Has anyone ever tried stacking additional neodymium magnets (with opposite poles touching to effectively create a more powerful magnet) on the driver of their headphones? It would be a cheap, easy, and reversible mod to perform.


According to this site (, adding a 2nd, identically-sized neodymium magnet results in a magnetic force increase of ~169% (not 2x, due to the layers of plating on the magnets causing a slight reduction).


What effect does it have on sound? According to Fostex, higher magnetic flux density improves attack and decay for a crisper, more detailed sound signature. Headphones like the TH-X00 use magnets that exceed 1 tesla (1 tesla = 10,000 gauss).


Obviously, this wouldn't work when the driver magnet has vent holes. And I know that manufacturers design the drivers and magnets to work together as one 'unit', but that doesn't mean there aren't room for improvements. Cost certainly has a large influence on product design, and manufacturers usually don't just grossly overengineer everything. Why use 2x oversized magnets or plastic that's twice as thick/rigid when it can be engineered to be 'just good enough' but a whole lot cheaper?



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