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This was supposed to be in response to the Headphones sightings post...Whatever.
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As if by magic x1lexure, your 'new' thread is now where it belongs

<shines moderator badge>

Happy listening
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I haven't seen anybody with my B&O A8's!! Is that good or bad?
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Have a quick search in the forum and you'll know how ppl feel about B&O products.
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haha at my HS its either street style, stock, or v600 (i saw one senior w/ the V6 tho) its great tho b/c once u mention that the streetstyles suck **** they go and talk abuot the newer ones.... i dont kno to me the only difference is that u can change the caps (yay! not?) i bring ex-70's to school and just drape them over my neck when not listening... it was kind of funny because at lunch we were discussing this (some rich bastard came in w/ a pair of coby streetstyles and started bashing everyone)... mine won (good or bad sign? who knos) o well

btw... i lost my case to the ex-70's (dreadful fire "experiment") does anyone kno if i can get another spare?/good alternative
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Am I the only one that's seen people wearing good phones? I've seen people wearing Koss Portapros, sportapros, KSC 50s, Sony V6s, 888s and Ex-70s, Grado SR-80s, SR-225s, and SR-325s, as well as Senn HD535s, 565s, 580s, and 600s. I've personally worn Sony 888s, Senn HD580s, Grado SR-80s, RS-2s, and once my HP-1s outside.
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where are you that you see so many fine headphones? I mean, I can understand if you work in a high-end audio store, but other than that... maybe people are much more cultured in MA.

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Here in HK I see lots of EX70's. Once an Eggo. A guy in my U uses Sony V300's. Once an expat sitting next to me in the computer centre was using k-55's. We got talking and he said his friend gave them to him--I assume he moved up to something better.

Originally posted by Peddler
Apart from the bland stuff that comes supplied with the players, the most common model I see is the Sony EX-70's - seen three so far in a small town in the UK - and none of them had sticky tape over the holes in the back - fools!
Don't think I see anyone with tape over their EX70's either--but I wasn't exactly looking

You won't see any tape on mine either, but don't call me a fool I think you know why

I dream about telling someone with the EX70's to plug into my pcdp with one of my customized CDs and see what their reaction would be--they probably wouldn't care though
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For the most part I just see people wearing them on trains, or walking around Boston. I see one person wearing the V6 at school almost everyday and lots of people with the KSC-50s.
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here in seattle i've seen other people wearing:

sony v6 & 7506
sony v900
sony v700dj
sony v600
sony v300
sony v150
sony a44l
grado sr125
b&o earbuds
sony ex70 (black & white models)
sony cd180
sennheiser 495
lots of crap, streetstyles, earbuds and too many stock phones.

i usually wear v6 or er-6 on the street, and e888 at work.
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Looks almost like you're ordering them in terms of quality...

You're *not* putting the V900 second and the Senn 495 last, are you?
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don't get me in trouble, joe!

there is no order, except how i remembered them.
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I saw a guy wearing SR-325s in my local grocery store.

I've seen KSC-35s and quite a few Portapros.

Other than that just stock, Cobys, and JWINs (probably worse than stock).
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While in Amsterdam I saw a kid listening to a pair or V6's, and I saw a T.V. crew using Beyer 250's.
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Originally posted by cajunchrist
While in Amsterdam I saw a kid listening to a pair or V6's
Are you sure? They are not even available here, and I've never seen them! It could have been 7506's.
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