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2017 Southeastern Michigan Head-fi.org Spring Meet: Paulson's Audio & Video

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The 2017 Southeastern Michigan Head-fi.org Spring Meet will be held at Paulson's Audio & Video in Farmington Hills this time.  This is an exciting, new location for us and we look forward to having another fun, successful get-together where we can check out some new gear, listen to great music and socialize.  :beyersmile:



Sample products from AudioQuest, Bowers & Wilkins, and McIntosh.  The Grand Prize Give away will be a pair of Headphones from McIntosh, the MPHS1000 retailing at $2,000!!!!


Date:  Saturday, April 29, 2017

Time:  11am to 4pm

Location:  Paulson's Audio & Video

37670 West Twelve Mile Road

Farmington Hills, MI  48331

Crossroads:  12 Mile Road and Halsted Road


@sealykojac got the ball rolling last year by suggesting a meet at Paulson's Audio & Video to Dan Paulson, the VP of Technical Sales.  They store was going through a huge remodeling project during the fall but is now ready for business!  I went and visited the store last week and it is beautiful  There is a very large space that will be utilized for the meet.  They also have several listening/demo areas to experience 2 channel, home theater, speakers and 4K TVs.  


Dan stated that they will provide refreshments during the event.  He is also going to invite vendors and possibly have give-aways as well. He is very excited to host our organization and open up the store to us.  Note:  The store will be open for regular business.  Please respect the customers who may come in!  


It should prove to be a great meet.  I am excited to see how people have upgraded their gear and also meet new faces.  


So....please start posting if you are coming and what gear you are bringing.  The lists will be continuously updated so please let me know if things change so we can have the most accurate count possible.  


Once again,  I look forward to organizing a great meet and seeing everybody soon.  


Oh, and just because we're having refreshments during the meet doesn't mean we can head out afterward....  :beerchug:






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1. During the weeks prior to the meet, if you plan to attend, please state:  Your head-fi.org name, Your real name, Your gear you are bringing and any questions you may have.  

2. At the meet, you would be required to provide a valid photo id when registering at the registration table. Your valid photo ID will be cross checked with the details provided prior to the meet.

3. You should bring an extension cord or power strip if you can (along with other cables necessary for your setup). Don't forget to bring your source as well as amplification.

4. Please be careful and respect other members properties, ask before you pull a phone out of a plug – some amps if they are not powered down before inserting or pulling out a jack have the potential to blow. Again be very careful.

5. Be on the watch out for power cords and headphone cable on the floor and tables, you can easily knock over equipment, or hurt yourself – if this is your first meet be weary the floor will be littered with cable.

6. Please restrict consumption of food or drinks to the designated place ONLY and place all trash in the plastic bags provided. PLEASE also wash your hands if it is dirty before touching anything.

7. No wet hair, or put anything in their hair at all (e.g. wax, gel, mousse etc) (Will be refused entry). Strong aftershave or deodorants are also not good. Also, clean in and around your ears. Nobody wants their cans covered with earwax.

8. No need to panic or spoil the mood (it's unlikely I'll run off with your $10k amp) - but leaving keys, wallets or expensive IEMs unattended might not be a good idea.

9. You must wear the name tag at all times.

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Reserved for attendees.


JEspina456 (John Espina)

Sealykojac (Sean)

canthearyou (Peter Pizzuro)

MrTie84 (Kevin Trudeau)

PETEREK (Brandon Peterek)

AdamK89 (Adam Keranen)

Turbo AL


hikaritenchi (David)

JLoud (Jason Loudenbeck)










edb (Changgong Zhou)

rayhe19 (Raymond)

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List of gear (This will be updated as responses are posted in this thread)





Audeze SINE with Cipher

B&W P7 Wireless

AudioQuest NightOwl

Monoprice Monolith M100


AKG 812

AKG 872

(Maybe) MrSpeakers Aeon

Audeze LCD-2

Focal Elear

AudioQuest NightHawk

Hifiman HE-560

Sennheiser HD-650

Beyer DT-990/600

Beyer DT 880/600


Koss PortaPro SE

Koss PortaPro Balanced

Fostex Purpleheart TH-X00

Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X

AKG K712 Pro (Austria)

Grado sr80

Audio Technica ATH-M50

Hifiman HE-400S

Hifiman HE-5LE

Hifiman HE-500

HD800 with SDR mod

Mr. Speaker's Alpha Prime

AKG K701

V-Moda M-100

Audio Technica R70x

Sony MDR-V6

ZMF Eikon




Schiit Multibit Gungnir

Schiit Mulitibit Modi

NuForce Dac80

HRT Streamer II

Wyred4Sound mPRE

Schiit Bifrost

Gustard u12

Gustard DAC x 12

Cayin N5



Schiit Ragnarok

Schiit Vali 2

G1217 Project Ember V2

Schiit Jotunheim

Burson Soloist

Bottlehead Crack

Schiit Fulla

(Maybe) Altoid Tin DIYs

Schiit Asgard 2

Schiit Valhalla 2

Emotiva a100

Matrix M-Stage HPA3-B

(Maybe) iFi Micro iCAN SE amplifier

Fiio E17

Stello HP100

Fiio E10K

Meridian Explorer 2

O2 Amp

Audio-GD NFB-15

Schiit Lyr 2



Schiit Wyrd

Cowon Plenue D

Burson Cable +

Surface Pro 4

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I suppose I'm obligated to attend. Thanks for putting this together John!

H: B&W P7 Wireless  |  AudioQuest NightOwl

D: Modi Multibit  |  NuForce Dac80 

A: Vali 2  |  G1217 Project Ember V2

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Info sent. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
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Hurray, I will be there.

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I'll be there but I'm not sure what I'll be bringing. I've thinned down my inventory quite a bit since the last meet I was at. I'll try to put together some interesting things to bring along.

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I moved back to Michigan a couple months ago so I will be attending :) Can't wait, had a blast last time I went.

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You can add me to the list and even thou it is pretty early to be thinking about it I would like to nominate the Basement Burger Bar on Grand River a few minutes from Paulson's for the after party, great food and beer selection.  AL

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I'm inI'm maybe In, might have a birthday party that same day

Got a lot of akgs I can bring depending on interest.
Big items are n90Qs, k812. K872

Schiit lyr2 and bifrost
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I plan on coming.

Jloud  Jason Loudenbeck

Headphones:  possibly Mrspeakers Aeon(if they arrive in time), Audeze LCD-2, Focal Elear, Audioquest Nighthawk, Hifiman he560

Amps: Schiit Jotunheim, Burson Soloist

Dac: Schiit Modi Multibit

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Would love to see some ZMF headphones, MrSpeakers, and Audeze LCD-3 and 4.  My wallet prays no one brings any.  My wife would also appreciate their absence!

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I've been out of the mix for awhile, but looking to get back "in" ... I'll be there!

Cans: Senn HD650, Beyer DT990-600 and DT880-600, AKG K7XX, Koss PortaPro (1 stock and 1 wired for balanced)

Amps: Bottlehead Crack, Schiit Fulla and perhaps some Altoid tin DIY thingees

DAC: HRT Music Streamer II and Wyred4Sound mPRE

Looking forward to it!
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It looks like I am available that weekend, and if so I'm there!  

I'll stop back later and update the equipment list....

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