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Panasonic pot question...help!!

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I picked up a Panasonic 50k volume pot from Digi-key, and I am confused on the leads. Unless I am reading this wrong, there are two different wiring diagrams for this same pot; the data sheet link from Digi-key does not match the downloadable catalog page wiring diagram. Plus, looking at past posts, I found a different schematic than the other two. Also, the diagrams show leads labled A1, A2, A3, and the same for B. I know that A2 being the wiper (I'm guessing the movable part) is out. But I don't understand the difference between A1 and A3. Which is in and ground. I also heard them being called high and low. Which one is which? Help please?
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Hi, there's a panasonic pot diagram in Chu Moy's pocket amp project on headwize:


The wiring diagram is near the top of the article. The input lead should be connected to the input of the channel, and the ground lead should be connected to ground. All points with the three lines in a triangle shape (ground) should be connected together.

Since you know which lead is wiper, you can also easily verify with your multimeter. Connect the leads of your multimeter to the wiper and the unknown lead. If the resistance goes down when you turn the pot clockwise, then the unknown is input. Otherwise the unknown is ground. This is because when you turn up the volume you should be decreasing the resistance between your input and the rest of your circuit (which is connected to the wiper lead).
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Thanks Mr. Happy,

When I look up the part number under Digi-key's website and go to the data sheet, I get a different schematic. Is there a difference between the 10k and 50k pot? Am I looking at the wrong data sheet? It shows ground points to be pins 5 and 6 with input I believe 1 and 4. I've tried to wire the pot a couple different ways, and I think I fried a chip doing that. And I want to make sure for this next amp. Unfortunatly, I'm away from home for a couple of days and cannot get to the pot and a meter.
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Looking at the pins from left to right with the shaft pointing up:

1) L - output
2) Ground
3) Ground
4) R - output
5) R - input
6) L - input

Hope this helps
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Thanks JMT,

When I finally get home I'll try it out. But if it doesn't work...it's all your fault!! hahaha.
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