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I represent a new company on the market, our goal is to make the world's finest headphones. 

we're looking for a constructor to join our team. We are located in Poland, and it will be crucial for you to join us here. We can offer monthly payments and a place in our team. If you want to build the world's best sounding, best made and best looking headphones, this is the place for you. We have a great team, and we are focused on making it happen. 

I dont want to share all the information here, please let me know throughout the Private Message and we'll discuss the topic. 

We're looking for someone who can Build, not think, as our vision is pretty straight forward and we need a man to do the job physically. 
Also, if you are able to build a hi-end driver, it will be rewarded. 

PM me for more info, photos of our project etc. 

If you have ever wanted to build something extraordinary, but you had no resources to do so, youre the guy. We have resources, we have management, we have knowledge. We need a man, who can take all of it and build a product, with help from our technicians. 

Any questions? Lets get in touch.

Dream Audio