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#@$!@# TLE2426!

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I can't work out for the life of me, why this TLE2426 is running so hot.

This is the first 9v batt power supply i have ever built (built plenty of AC ps but they all worked - lost a few fuses though!)

I set up a 9v batt and TLE2426 etc exactly as shown in the last diagram in the DESIGNING AN OP AMP HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER on Headwize, but it is acting a bit 'special'.

Between + rail and ground I get 3.8V+ (my batt is a bit flat)
Between - rail and ground I get 1.9V-
The TLE2426 is running extremely hot, only takes a couple of secs to occur.

I have also just tried rigging up the TLE2426 and the 9V batt with no other components in circuit, but same story.

This is really annoying as it is such a simple bloody circuit!

Any ideas would be appreciated
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i had the same problem first time out with that chip. the wiring was wrong.

i was using the 8 pin dip version of the chip.

pin 1(out) is virtual ground. pin 2(common) in V-. pin 3(in) is V+

if you are using the other versions of the chip, check the spec sheet to see which pins map to the above.

good luck.
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Make sure that the wiring isn't flipped. I did that the first project i ever did. If the diagram you are using is a top view, you have to flip everything when you are working on the bottom of a circuit board.
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THanks guys

Well I had v- to common but looks like i had v+ on the wrong pin.

I'll try once I get home from work.

Thanks all
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Hope you got extras

I burned through a few because of miswiring, once they get hot like that they're pretty much toast. They're definitely toast if you see smoke, cause smoke is what makes all electronics work and once that escapes...
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I've literally blown through 4-5 because of a faulty breadboard and power supply (separate cases) before I switched to a BUF634 for getting a virtual ground.
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