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Was there a Sony MDR-V7?

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I was browsing through Dejanews to get more views about the Sony V6's and came across a lot of references to a V7 model as well. They said it was exactly like the V6, except it had a gold plated plug, wasn't foldable like the V6 and had a straight cord not coiled. Or is this exactly what the 7506 model is? Thanks for any info!
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Nope, the 7506's are the V6's in every which way imaginable, i have a pair (all they have is a gold plated plug and "professional" stickers on the earcups).

V7's? Never heard of em, if there such a thing they probably sound like the V700's (if they exist).
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Ah, but a V7 did exist, at one point in time. And I believe our very own kwkarth has a pair to prove it!

Check here for some pics and a little info.

Let's see if Kevin will chime in...
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that's correct (kwkarth has a pair).
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Yeah, V7 had a 50mm driver vs the V6s 40mm. The V7 was "replaced" by the lousy V700, but for some reason no one in audio land complained about this as vehemently as the V6s "replacement" by crap, so the V7 did not survive as an independent can. Maybe so few people had em that no one even noticed the loss. Or maybe the larger drivers made a pretty minimal difference and everyone stuck with the V6...
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Whoa (nearly falls over)...interesting! I can't believe they actually had a V7 that sounded better than the V6's, now all the other siblings sound like the DJ cans, odd isn't it?

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i know that they had
the 7505, 7506 and 7509
which are the 500, v6, and 900

but I really didn't knwo about the v7, though they look alot like the v6
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Found one
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muscleking:   took you 12 years to find a v7 ....LOL


Nice Find

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Lol, saw this thread a few days ago and saw one on Craigslist and got it for 70 bucks. Pretty good headphones for 70 bucks
Picked up audio technica a500 for 50 bucks with nice big cable modified and xlr adapters.

any more rare headphone worth collecting?
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I believe the MDR-V series goes upto 10. There are other versions like V-150, V600 etc.


I think the V7 & V8 use sapphire diaphragm and V9 & V10 use diamond daiphragm. I could be wrong with this, but I do remember talking about this way back in the late 90's with my college friends.

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Oh now I will look for the v9 and v10.

These older headphones seems to last longer then new ones
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