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WOW, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread so far! Just getting back into the swing of things after the very busy CanJam NYC weekend and special thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make this event such a great success. I'm very pleased to say that CanJam NYC was the biggest CanJam we have ever done with over 2000 people in attendance! Even more impressive was the great atmosphere and vibe during the event which was just so much fun. Below are links to photos from the event as well as press coverage. Can't wait to do this again next year, and yes, we will be doing CanJam NYC 2018! Stay tuned for more details!

CanJam NYC 2017 Press Coverage:
CanJam NYC 2017 Photos:

We hyped the crap out of this show. And it was worth it. The end.

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As they used to say at the end of those old, bad Bar/Bat Mitzva movies, "This is not the end, it is only the beginning..." biggrin.gif
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