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Jolida FX10 mods

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Here are mods done to a Jolida FX10. Forgot to take pics of the Power board but it has upgraded JJ caps and IXYS and Cree hexfred diodes for the B+ and microcontroller power. Baked some pennies and taped them to some wire. The pennies went on top of the B+ caps and the other end of the wire taped to the chassis ground.


The main board was upgraded with new bias caps (nichicon kz and solen mkp), wirewound resistors (mills) for the feedback path, new coupling caps (solen mkp), new caps for the volume knob motor (rel-cap film and foil and vishay-roderstein mkp), and a new cap for the microcontroller (ROHM film and foil bled with 4 series vishay-dale metal film).


The B+ clamp capacitors and bleeder resistors did not fit in the chassis and are mounted externally (solen mkp and kiwame carbon film and MIAL film and foil).



EDIT: sounds really good except for the constant sound of a garage opening. Or a dryer. I think there might be too many parts now...which ones are the question

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Here is a photo of the setup:



The 5 disk is currently loaded up with "Tangerine Dream" cd's. Stratosphere, Force Majeure, Phaedra, Tyranny Of Beauty, and Oasis.


The headphone is a broken grado to keep the aux input from floating.

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Any leads touching the chassis? What's the purpose of the medical tape? 

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Yeah, the leads for the shunt caps do have their wires going through the grating underneath the chassis. Probably would be logically better to route them at the edge of the chassis bottom plate.

Heres a new photo, those things on top of the speakers are 50uf aluminum? VSF duelunds. They eventually will be part of a hifiman hm-801 jacket pack.

Medical tape for soft insulation.


The AKAI tuner RCA cables are Accuphase commemorative automobile 2008. Tuning AM stations does significantly change the sound while the disk/dac source input is selected.


Edit: For better or worse, the speaker woofers have changed color from steel grey to almost pure white. Don't really know why. I believe it has formed a "carbonate" on the surface. The color does change back after leaving it off. Also regardless of the perspective, the left side of the cabinet is not warped as shown in the photo. I need to eventually get a copy of "Tangerine Dream" - Rubycon not to be confused with the capacitor manufacturer.

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Here is the latest photo running Boris- Akuma No Uta through hifiman-hm801 coax out. This album is not easy to playback and the setup seems to be trying. The input tubes do not seem to be bulging as in the photo. Visually they do have some additional curvature on the inside edge, who knows.

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Back to Tangerine Dream. Added a few geodes with promising results. Wow does it sound good, like really good. The long burn out was well worth it for ease of listenability in quieter sounds. The initial sound truely was something else in the high frequencies...but with a quite annoying "low end?"... The so called "middle phase" of the burn out can make things alittle muddy. It must be quite strong...kinda like a hefty dose of roy rogers...Also I kinda do like the sound better when the drivers gain back some color...I believe they are saturating.
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