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HD650 Stock cable

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Purchasing a new HD650 and going to pair with Jotunheim, I would like to use in balanced mode as I've heard good things. Has anyone converted stock cable to 4pin XLR? Are there 4 conductors all the way down to the stock plug? are the wires easy to work with? covered in enamel or any other ******** to be aware of? Anyone done it? I did it with my hifiman he400i and fairly easily done, on the beyerdynamic dt880 its a bastard because of the enamel coated litzwire. 


anyways cheers! let me know folks!

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I recently did this - the cable does indeed have 4 wires all the way to the connector and they are enamel type coated - I believe it is something along the lines of ETFE as I made little impression on it with a regular soldering iron all the way upto 450C and scouring was slow going - quick hit with a mini blow torch though worked (probably a match would as well).


I built my own "balanced" amplifier and used a pair of 3.5mm stereo connectors instead of going down the XLR route however for various reasons.

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Yep, stock HD650 cable, balanced in 15 minutes. Definitely using 4-pin XLR as it's the standard these days.

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Yeah wasn't suggesting to use anything other than XLR - I just have a predilection for doing builds in far too small enclosures hence going a different direction for my DIY needs.

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