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...except the e888's
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DUH! Most extremely low impedance headphones sound muddier with a dedicated headphone amp than without one! The Sony MDR-E888LP's - and other Sony earbuds, for that matter - are such examples of extremely low impedance headphones.

Back to the subject, I have the SR-60's, but I may try out an SR-80 or higher-model Grado in the near future.
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The truth of the matter is, that ALL, that's every single last one of them, yes ALL headphones sound better with an amp.
Keep in mind that amplification is not about just making it go louder. It is, IMO, improving or changing the overall character of the sound, enhancing it's foundation if you will.
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I listened through my SR-80s without an amp for several months and was VERY happy. I plugged them right into my archaic Sony portable and was pleased. I do have a hand-made DIY amp and indeed, it does sound better (more filled out) than with just the headphone amp on the portable, but if that amp wasn't around, I'd still be as happy as a pig in slop.

I know that $80 may be a challenge, but I'd be writing a petition in favor of these headphones, walking door-to-door and giving my neighbors my pitch, and ask for a couple bucks. "My ears thank you, kind sir. You're doing a service to the people of British Columbia. Vive head-fi!"
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They would all respond with the same sentence: "Grado ??? What's a Grado???"
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I was of the few that voted for the SR60. I still say they are a better overall headphone.
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I was of the few that voted for the SR60. I still say they are a better overall headphone.
However, the SR-60 gets my vote if both the SR-60 and the SR-80 sell for full list price. Thus, the SR-60 is a better buy at $69 than the SR-80 is at $95!
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I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I'd take the 60's without an amp. To me they sound sweeter and ...mmm... sparkly. The 80s sound a bit thick and slow in comparison without the amp. Once you get an amp though, the 80s tighten up and gain that Grado punch. The 60s stay sweet and sparkly, which is a coloration and, though nice, is not what I'd want.
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Grado Pads

Tyll, which pads are you using when you listen to the SR-60's? The standard comfy ones (which completely cover the driver), comfies with a hole cut out of them, or the "bowl"-shaped donut Large pads?
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Grado Pads

I think the last time I listened to them critically was probably with the old stock super-uncomfy pads (like uncomfy flat donuts but smaller to increase PSI). I like the big cone shaped indented pads, but I use some rubber cement to reduce the bass loss to get them to sound more bassy.

One of these days---once we get our measurment act more seriously together---we will play a bunch of games with Grado pads and have a look.
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I'm not sure what pads you were last using with the SR80's, but with the bowl pads I personally think that the SR80's sound great! They don't seem to be muddy or slow at all, instead they sound light and punchy.
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I think Tyll had last heard the SR-80's with the old flat "donut" pads (yep, the larger version of the SR-60's old pads). Maybe that's why the SR-80's sound a bit thick and slow to his ears.
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Which pads are the best for comfort and sound?
Are these them? >>>
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those are the best for sound quality, but not for comfort.
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I wonder if the big difference that you are hearing between these two cans, are the pads?

Have anyone tried to compare the 60's with the newer bowl pads vs the 80's w/ the newer bowl pads?
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