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Grados for my Portable

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I got my eyes on some Grados at my friend's store, and am almost definitely gonna get them sooner or later. With his employee discounts, the SR60's can go for $60 and the SR80's can go for about $80 (these prices are after tax, and in US dollars)

I own a Panasonic SL-SX510, and chose the Grados mainly because of their rave reviews and 95% positive feedback, including Grado's reputation as the best choice for great sound on a "low budget". Personally the looks have really grown on me, and I think that Grados look beautiful in their own way.

I want to avoid using an amp, and so I was wondering which would sound best for the money --- without an amplifier.
Are the SR80's still worth the extra $20 without the use of an amp? (Keep in mind that I am very low on cash, and I am obsessed with Grados)

PS. Does the new Grado lineup (arriving in Fall) have any changes I should know about, aside from different earpads?

Thanks in advance, guys, I really appreciate your help.

**This site is great!**Good job!**
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The only place I have ever seen anyone complain of the SR80's needing an amp is Headroom, and for some reason that's given everyone the impression that they're no good without one. Yes, the SR80 is well worth the extra $20. Many people consider them to be the best headphone deal there is, considering their price/performance ratio (really good deals on better headphones not included). I've never regretted buying mine. They've fulfilled all my headphone needs for about eight months now, and I was never dissapointed in their performance nor did I need to upgrade (I did complain of comfort once or twice, but that's just a Grado quirk). I believe I will upgrade soon because I think I could appreciate the improvement, but I think I'll keep my SR80's around anyway. They've been a great introduction to quality audio.
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To my ears, there is a definite $20 improvement in the sound of the SR-80s over the SR-60s.
As far as the new lineup of Grados goes, I believe (I could be wrong on this) that they will be strictly for surround sound Dolby. When I asked John Grado at the NYC show about this recently, he said the new large earpads would not work with previous Grados.....that they were designed for the surround Grados.
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Originally posted by joelongwood
To my ears, there is a definite $20 improvement in the sound of the SR-80s over the SR-60s.
I'm with Joe on this one.
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I puzzled over this same quandry about 3 months ago. I went with the SR80. I doubt if you will be disappointed!
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For the extra $20 you will never have to think whether or not you are missing smething. They definantly don't need an amp. Good sound from most anything!
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Grado SR80s are great. If you can find a Cambridge Soundworks in your area, they carry both so you can do a comparison.

If you want an amp later, you can build an excellent one for $25 with Radio Shack parts. Headwize has info on this sort of thing.
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One thing that you can bet, if you are asking that question now and you buy the SR-60s, you will continue asking that question then. If you're only talking a $20.00 difference, I think the consensus with this board would be go the extra and get the SR-80s. You won't be disappointed.
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Good point JMT
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so are you going to go with them?
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Hell yeah!
I might have to wait 2 or 3 months to fork out the cash, though, but yeah, the SR80's definitely seem like the best choice. It must be anyways, considering that [at the time] the poll at the top of this post is 15-2 in favor of the 80's.

Dondo, I saw that DIY portable headphone amp on Headwize, and it looks really cool. [My brother says he can help me on it and can make it a bit smaller than the instructions say because the layout of the components on the PCB could be arranged closer together - he goes to school at BCIT in Vancouver, and is good at this kinda stuff; a few years back, when he was 15 or 16, he made his own guitar amps and pedals] That DIY project is a cool solution to an inexpensive & portable headphone amp. After I get the Grados, and a pair of buds, I'll be sure to set aside some time to construct one.

I'll be sure to learn a bit more headwizer lingo so that I can post a review on the SR80s, the headphone amp, and then both of them together
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Don't worry about the lingo (it's mostly greek to me too ). Just describe what you think in good 'ol plain english.
ps Borrow the $ from your brother and go get the SR80's now!!
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I want to avoid using an amp, and so I was wondering which would sound best for the money --- without an amplifier.
The Grados absolutely do not need an amp, but once you hear them with one, you'll wonder how you did without one.
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even with the sr60 JMT?
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Yes, even the SR-60's!

I have the 60's and the RA-1, the 60's sounded disgustedly better with the amp.

The truth of the matter is, that ALL, that's every single last one of them, yes ALL headphones sound better with an amp.
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