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Hmm, i guess it is what it is then. I'll definitely bring it to the Fall Meet and let everyone take a shot at a listen - if it's any help to you portable lovers, this thing is the best source in my house atm (um, its only competition right now is a sony dvd player, an ipod and some generic pcdp tho lol)
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The one in the middle of the K1K pic is Ed, I don't know if the others want to be outed
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I don't feel the 010s will ever sound like the R10s no matter what you hook them up to,they are just differant animals.
But I do see a lot of potential in the 010s,if I where to compare it to a speaker line it would probabely be Wilsons. I also think tubes somewhere in the chain will be needed to add more flesh to their sound.
Maybe we should take Josh's open invitation and go back with the Cary & mietner gear,I think the 010s would be taken to the next level with that combo.
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Round 2? I'm down with that.
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Round 2? I'm down with that.
Heck yeah!

And then a mini-meet at Hooter's after ?
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Hi, so when are you guys up for round 2?

I'm not sure what I'd bring the 2nd time. Maybe my digital receiver but I'm not sure how it'll power the K1000s.
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yeah we'll have to do a hooters curtain call for the birthday boy this time around - and man i really want to get that Solo back in my hot lil hands - so, um, wait a few weeks for proper burn in time of the new caps? ah nevermind i'll come just to hear the Cary!
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Round 2 -- CLANG!!!


Boze, et al --

I’ve been so busy that I just saw your chat about round 2! I’m too tired at 2:50am to say much, but I would love to hear 010 via your Cary/Meitner rig.

Before rushing back to it (tho’ soon would be great), should there be more thought and consideration about possible components in the chain for best synergy with 010s? Cary/Meitner sounds promising and I’ll bet we’re (mostly all) eager to hear it. I wonder if jpelg has had enuf of them for awhile. I expect they’re just not his type.

The 010s are going to be hard to tame. It’s going to take an intelligent approach and careful investigation to solve its challenges. It seems to have great potential, and it’s extremely sensitive and revealing. As I noted in Nik’s thread in the headphones forum, I find it odd that the Sony engineers who created this marvelous thing haven’t offered an “ideal” chain to show it at its best. To roll out their new baby with just the Sony SACD’s headphone output is a weird way to convince its prospective audience/clientele. I’d love to hear from the designers/engineers . . . and other system experts/manufacturers . . . who may be working on solutions.

Yawwwwwwnnnnn. Bye.
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My wife informed me I am booked for the next 2 weekends,but I could do this on the third sunday.
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Sept. 25 might work for me.
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Spoke to Mikhail yesterday he suggested he would send us one of his amps for the next Qualia mini meet if we want.
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The 3rd Sunday is the 26th and I'm cool with that.

Which amp is he going to send? It's a monster trying to send any of those. Well I'm up for trying new amps.

How many outputs does the meitner have?
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The 3rd Sunday is the 26th
OK, I can do that too.
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I would so love to go with you guys and hear these phones. Have a good time on your second outing. I cant wait for your opinions!
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26th=i can do! alright...
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