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NYC meet at Sony Qualia store - Page 3

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Originally Posted by Jahn
Who are the people in the photo Jahn?
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Originally Posted by PinkFloyd
Who are the people in the photo Jahn?
Looks like Jpelg, Boze and Ian
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Originally Posted by Jahn
One more note about the R10 - it wasn't hot in the room, but being handed the R10s from someone else I always noticed that the pads were heated up from head heat. I'd hate to see this can in hot temperatures, I'm sure you'd get sweaty and uncomfortable quickly unlike with the 010.
Originally Posted by Edwood
The R10's demand air conditioned temperature controlled environment. Just another expensive "accessory" for the R10.
Although I don't have the R10's, I do have their cousin the CD-3000s, and I can confirm that their design makes them *very* prone to a hot, uncomfortable experience if you don't have the right conditions. Very often I have to take them off or turn on the A/C because the ambient temperature, combined with my head heat and the heat of my desk lamp, makes them "suffocating" (if there's such a thing as ears suffocating).

In my case, it's bad enough that it's one of the reasons (though of course not a terribly big one) why I want to get IEMs.

Maybe the leather in the R10s is cooler than the hot CD3000 pleather, but at least the latter gets quite hot.

PS: Still ,I'd say that the R10 / CD3K design is incredibly comfortable, the heat issue being its only defect.
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Gloco -

In the photo are: seated fron with medium 010: jpelg, middle with beloved R10: boze, third with large 010: Lan, Standing (half-headless) with large 010, trying to hold them in place: Romanee; taking the shot: jahn.
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Originally Posted by gloco
Looks like Jpelg, Boze and Ian
It's Lan.

Lol I just figured I'd beat him to it. No harm intended dude
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Originally Posted by gloco
Looks like Jpelg, Boze and Ian
yep and Romanee is standing cut off - all the pics from the day are in lan's first post - he put a hotlink to the album where they are!
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Here's one of the pics from the album for those not clicking on it from the first post - you'll see a shot of Josh Kim, our Qualia rep, in this pic too - he's the one in the natty blue shirt.

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Originally Posted by markl
Thanks a bunch for all the detailed reviews!

It sounds like from the consensus opinion (so far under non-ideal conditions) that the Qualia's exhibit the kind of sound I dislike-- namely "airy". Not in the good sense of the term "airy", but in the bad sense of "airy-fairy", "floaty", "insubstantial", and "ghostly". Non-present sound with no "there" there. Polite to a fault...

I think this is a common characteristic of open phones. I believe that for me, I just don't dig the open phone sound. All my favorite headphones have been closed, though given the small sample size this could very well be coincidence. Unfortunately (IMO), Sennheiser has made being "open" a buying criteria by advertising the alleged wonders of their "open-aire" design. People seem to want that airy-fairy sound, but it just doesn't appeal to me.

You all have given me less reason to secretly lust for the Qualias, and for that, my R10s, and especially my wallet are grateful!
The 010s are airy good,they are not what you describe,maybe you misunderstood what has been said.The R10s give a little more body and flesh things out better ,but not by much,it is there but only on direct comparison to the R10s do you notice it,and you have to really listen for it.
I feel if I had the Cary300sei hooked up to the 010s,it would give them more body and roundness that the 010s would benefit from.
Speculation on my part, but I know what the Cary brings to the table as oppossed to the Krell in that respect.Both are great amps,and its my best amp
for the R10s. I think it would also be a great match with the 010s.
I will have to wait to get the 010s in my possesion to confirm this.
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With all due respect to my friend Bozebuttons, whose opinion I am almost always in agreement with, I think you are correct in your assessment of our collective impressions. Especially for your listening tastes & style, and (pretty-much my) propensity for the R10 signature. While system synergy is very real, I don't think that anything, even Boze's lovely Cary 300sei, will bring the 010's close to the R10's for what they do best. Your wallet is safe for the moment .

For others who want a faster headphone, with a lighter, airier presentation, along the lines of the AKG house sound, the 010's might be a contender. I have to wonder though, if we (as in any of us) would be giving the Qualia's so much consideration if they didn't cost $2600+, and be Sony's current top-of-the-line. Honestly, I think they are bested by Grado PS1/RS1/HP1's, AKG K1000's, and Stax Omega II's - all of which cost far less. This is, of course, my opinion relative to my music tastes, and sonic preferences.

Sorry Sony, you didn't sell me on your new 'revolutionary' headphone design. Now 'Blue-Ray'? That's a whole 'nother story !

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i hate to say this but out of all the cans there i did find the 010 most similar to the k1000 - and i preferred the k1000. plus you could swing the earspeakers out like wings, whee!
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Originally Posted by Jahn
i hate to say this but out of all the cans there i did find the 010 most similar to the k1000 - and i preferred the k1000. plus you could swing the earspeakers out like wings, whee!

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I must say that I like my presentation and performance to match the likes of AKG K1000, Sennheiser Orpheus, or Etymotics as opposed to Sony R10, Omega II, and Shure respectively so I predicted I would have a natural affinity toward the Qualia 010.

When I put on the 010s, I was greeted by it's feather light weight and soft supple touch. This was easily the most comfortable headphone I've ever worn. In comparision, putting on Grados felt like sandpaper, the K1000s were like a vice, and the R10s were like a vaccuum. Getting the right size headband was crucial for driver placement. Most of us felt the medium size were perfect.

My first impression of the 010 before this meet was through the headphone jack of their SACD player. It was a raw sound with weak bass and untamed highs. Although this was unbearable, you could tell it had great potential as I could hear detail that's usually hard to get easily. Fast forward to this meet. I first listened to the 010s through the Philips/Krell combo and everything was immediately better. The bass was present and the treble was tamed. It was evident that a better amp was needed.

The treble was well extended and I would agree with Sony that this would work well with high res material. Just as with AKG K1000, the better and greater treble can get out of hand if not controlled well. Today on these systems I felt neither were that out of control. Certainly I've heard much crazier chalkboard scratching combos. I felt the 010s had the best detail today.

The bass was detailed and layered well along with the rest of the spectrum. That's something that I find hard to accomplish as the bass gets lost. It can be complained that the bass was lacking some punch but I felt that the R10 or K1000 weren't at their best today either so I won't make that conclusion about 010 here either. I wonder how broken in these headphones were.

The midrange was just ok for me. I think it needs some tubes to flesh it out a little or some other components to synergize more.

What I find the most amazing about the 010 is the detail and soundstage. The sources weren't the best yet it was still able to extract that info from them. It makes me wonder if other headphones are really holding back. If I were using the 010s in these systems today and wanted to get a better sound, I would try another amp or do some other tweaks. If I were using other headphones, I felt I'd need to try a better source to get more detail and soundstage.

The only real con with the 010 is the microphonic cord.

I would really like hear 010 in my system as I wasn't really liking the systems I heard today. I find the 010s to be like a racing car. You'll feel all the bumps on the road, the engine shaking, and there are no amenities like cupholders. It's the brutal truth about the road. If you don't like it, stick with a luxury car like the R10

K1000 - It had a well balanced sound today. No complaints here as I usually don't like K1000 in systems I've heard at meets. To me it felt a bit underpowered though. So if you really liked this headphone here today (Jahn and Romanee), you are in for a surprise with a better source and amp. I felt the 010 today had more extended highs and more enveloping soundstage but with the K1000 being a bit more two dimensional than usual and 010 being a bit unrefined with a small gap in the middle, there was no clear winner today.

R10 - Um... I do not like this headphone It's too colored for my tastes. I can't really say more since everybody's perceptions are different. You just have to try it and decide for yourself.

modded Toshiba 3960 - I wasn't digging this source at all. I felt the tonal balance was off. It seemed to have emphasized the midrange most. The treble seemed recessed or something. The bass was just ok. I wonder if the "hot" cheaper sources are the ones that are not offensive to begin with. Certainly this player when modded wasn't offensive but it just couldn't match the stock SACD1000. The sound seemed closed in (not compressed or congested).... claustrophobic if you will.

ER6i - Great "budget" earbuds. The highs are clear and the bass is adaquete I think.

SR71 - Easily the most refined portable to date. I can't believe it's a portable though because it outclasses most if not all portable sources. It's too large and heavy for my tastes.

Koss SportaPro and KSC35 - I also have the PortaPro and these are easily a fav portable can of mine. The fidelity for portable listening works well since they have just the right amount and kinf of bass, punch, midrange, and treble to compliment the ambient noise. I find some headphones to try to down out the ambient noise with more bass, treble, or something and that is just annoying. Certainly you shouldn't be trying to compete with outside noise if it is too loud outside so in those cases a noise attenuating headphone is preferable.

Boostaro - awesome with the Kosses mentioned. Where's the power switch on this thing? Any mods available? haha.

Well that's it for now.
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Who are the people in the picture with the 3 AKG 1000's?
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Originally Posted by Zoide
Who are the people in the picture with the 3 AKG 1000's?
I'd like to know that too lol! Funny pic Edwood - I would be tempted to grab some K1000s based on my preview of them (and as lan said, they weren't even driven by their ideal rig) but the looks - oy vey.

Nice impressions lan - i remember you saying that you felt the highs were recessed on the "tushi" - hmm, that is funny since I read up on the mods done and Voodoochile put in a AD8620 opamp, which should actually make this source even more detailed in the highs than the usual toshiba mods. The good news for me is that I really enjoy this source with my alessandros, as anything that doesn't come off as bright with a grado can is a plus. As you also mentioned, it could be the stock power cord...*insert heated debate here*

Let me just say that my friend totally spoiled me by hooking me up with the SR-71. I really feel like I have the ultimate portable combo now with this amp, the KSC-35 and the ipod. Whoever said the ipod cant give you bass hasn't run this thing from a sik line out to a decent amp to a Koss. My fellow head-fiers at the Qualia store probably noted my bass-loving nature, so for a portable rig to give me enough satisfaction in that area when walking around town is a big plus.
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Nah I don't think a power cord will change the tonal balance too much. It may open up and be a bit more dynamic but I doubt it will make the treble come out more.
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