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Cork pads to place under cans & equipment

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I was trying to figure out what I could use to put my headphones on when I'm not using them. I wanted somethig to put on top of the wood bookcase shelves they sit on, to keep the cans from getting scratched and keep the wood from getting scratched. Those glass heads some folks have wouldn't work in my room or my home (my wife already thinks I'm nuts, anyway). But cork pads or trivets will do the trick. Locally I could find only 7" round cork trivets at IKEA (4 for $3.99), which were too small.

Then I found very large round and oval cork trivets at http://www.corkgifts.com/products.asp?Category=coasters

A set of four round trivets includes 11.5", 9.5", 7.5", and 5.5", for $12.99. A set of two oval trivets, 11.5" x 7.5" and 13.5" x 8.5" is $9.99. The trivets are .5" thick, with beveled edges.

The two large round ones are under my ATH-W100 and MDR-F1 (cables and all); the oval ones are under my Corda and my portables. Cork is a great insulator, too, so it will also provide some vibration isolation for the electronics. When I use my D-25S on the desk that has my Monsoons, the cord pad and 3M Bumpon feet do seem to help the bass extension and clarity.
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This sounds like a good idea. Although I'll probably head to Staples or Office Depot or some such and destroy one of those postable corkboards...no, not the "paper magnets" -- I wouldn't want my headphones to get sticky. I think they sell them without frames.
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Mapleshade sells a cork laminate isolation block:


You can go to any hobby/arts & crafts store and buy 1/4" cork panels which you can cut into smaller squares with razor knife cutter to use under gear (I have some that i ocassionally use)

I mostly use Daruma bearing isolation and vibrapods.
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Headphone stands

I found these extra large SlimJim coffee mugs (about 32oz) They have the SlimJim guy's face molded on them and they look really cool. Not only do my headphones fit them perfectly, but I can stow the cables inside the mug. I'll see if I can get a dig camera from someone and post a picture.
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Cork is difficult to cut smoothly; the edge can fracture and tear, even with a razor-sharp knife, and the corners of square shapes can break off easily. It's easier to get the precut round pads, IMO. The cans look neat on the round ones, too.

For a second, I had a picture in my head of headphones inside a coffee mug...
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My standard sound isolation platform (for the poverty stricken) is a nice cheap ceramic tile (under $7 for a nice 18" square one), which you can by in many shapes and sizes, and carpet underpadding (foam). This will provide excellent isolation. If you have a fine wood underneath the foam, just go to WalMart and get some material or felt from the crafts area and put it underneath the foam pad.

The ceramic tile is NOT LIGHT Weight. It has a lot of inertia to get moving. The foam vibration damper will absorb most vibration too.
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I use large butcher block cutting boards under my amps and turntables.and I always install isolation cones and bases.I have used cork in the past but it seems to "settle"at some point causing uneven sufaces.I have not had good luck with sorbogel either.I use those audio tar mats that are for auto acoustic installations.they work well and cost very little.
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Originally posted by Tuberoller
I use large butcher block cutting boards under my amps and turntables.
Hehe. I use the same thing under my BPT. I was shopping for a small amp stand that would fit underneath my desk (in the footwell), but they were all too big.

Then a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond with my wife (for those who don't know, Bed, Bath and Beyond is a store chain) turned up this perfectly sized thick, heavy butcher block cutting board with four big feet. It has nearly the exact same footprint of the BP-3.
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Cork, certainly works to put your phones on. However, I found that cork blocks under my CDP (Marantz CD 6000 OSE) don't work well.
I experimented awhile ago with damping platforms etc. The cork didn't work. The sound became a bit too warm. The marantz is actually quite sensitive to positioning/damping.
Currently I use SD damping feet under CD and a cutting board+ SD feet under amp.
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