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New Mexico meet?

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When I went to school in Chicago I so much loved the meet I went to there. I want to recreate that in New Mexico. Are there any head-fier's around here? I have a large space to provide a great listening experience. Please respond if there's any interest.
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So, I am the only person in the entire state of New Mexico interested in headphones? There's no one within 300 miles who might want to get together to listen to some music and cool headphone equipment? Help! I'm lost in the desert here.
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I lived in Santa Fe for a bit last year, although that really doesn't help you :P I've only seen a few people on the board with NM listed as their location, and that was awhile ago.. maybe try posting in the main forum?
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Thanks, I'll give that a try. I could even provide accomidations for overnight if enough people are interested.
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I'm just 75 mi south of Albs and would like to have a head-fi meet. Granted no intense reading or homework got in the way.
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just to give a bump to anyone still in NM, I live in Colorado, but I travel to Albq at least monthly on the weekends. With enough advanced planning, I'd be willing to invest some time into bringing some of my stuff down for a meet.....
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so long

Haha, this was posted so long ago. Nearly 3 years but oh well. I have been in Las Cruces for nearly 2 years. I am interested in meeting sometime. Hopefully you still use Head Fi cause it has been soooo long since you posted this thread.
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A super ancient thread, I know.  


However I'm a long time lurker who finally joined as a member as I have a little bonus coming my way and want to step up my headphone game.


Unfortunately, living here in the Land of Enchantment is very limiting as there aren't any hi-fi shops which carry headphone amps; at least not that I've found.


Any suggestions for stores I've missed?  Anyone willing to meet just so I can talk n00b shop and try their gear?  I'll bribe with food, alcohol, and excellent coffee...  I'm happy to prove I'm not some random creepy criminal too (not sure how I'll do that but we can figure out something).


Before I drop several thousand on a headphone DAC and amp to power my HD650's (and perhaps move into other headphone options) I would like to at least listen to a mid-range tube amp, solid state amp, hybrid amp, balanced vs non-balanced, etc. to see if I even have sophisticated enough of an ear to notice the difference.

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Here NM doesn't seem to have very much activity, sadly.

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