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Grado Alternatives

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Hi guys I love the sound that grado headphones produce however every pair i've owned has fallen apart and from what I can see I'm not the only one who has had this issue.


So I'm looking for some alternatives I would like the same warmth clarity and brightness the grado's produce.


I was thinking beyerdynamic?


Can anyone comment this? What have your experiences been like not just with buyerdynamic but with other brands





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Ultrasones models have the same harsh treble like Grados but they have bass

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OK great thank you


I would still be interested in hearing from beyerdynamic owners

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beyerdynamic t90 and t70 sound bright as well

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OK thank you for your help do you know what the build quality is like?

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beyerdynamics are better build and more comfy than mid fier ultrasones

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Hifiman Edition S.

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It's not only about grainy highs, I would personally stay away from Ultrasones. Sennheiser hd 25 II has very forward presentation, very good for heavy sound and headbanging since there is no way these are falling off and definitely won't fell apart. Off course they are not Grado and have softer presentation, but forwardness and guitar riffs presentation is Grado-like for sure.

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