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e900 or panasonic ct790??

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I am now deciding on 2 portable cd players which are the above models. I prefer the sony against the panasonic for its better sound quality.

However one thing i don't like about sonys are that they fail within an unreasonable time frame, about 1 year for my 2 sony cd players. I also have 2 others, panasonic and technics, which are more than 5 years but still working perfectly.

Is the e900 or even the e777 an unreliable unit? Are new panasonic models as reliable as old models?

BTW i'm a heavy user, averaging 2-3 hours daily. And getting both players from bluetin at a price difference of S$19 with sony being the more expensive model.
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Sony e900?? Huh??

(1 minute later: )
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Flasken... the E900 is the Japanese version of the E905...

I can't comment on the CT790 (apart from the fact that it should be the 890 you're looking for I believe?!?) but in terms of reliability... my D777, I've had it for 6 years, and yes... the volume control in the remote had some dust inside, so had to be cleaned... but for how much i've used it (MINIMUM of 2 hours per day since new on agregate... I love(d) this player) it has been incredibly faithful!!

So, stake your claim... and collect your prize, either way I don't think you'll be a loser?!
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