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Originally Posted by Romanee
Kevin -

Your 10:15am post today is a good one. As Jahn said, please take a look at the latest updates on our new scheduled attempt at the nyc Qualia room. It's been my (most severely headfi inexperienced) feeling that there is a serious underestimation of the challenges posed by these phones. I hope we're not spinning our gears on a wrong track. In addition to bozebuttons Cary300SEI/Meitner setup (& maybe a melos), Mikhail is providing one of his amps with a selection of tubes, but I don't know which Supra and tubes, and what specs.

Any thoughts?

What is curious for me, is that knowing what you were going to hear, and knowing the quality of the headphones that you were going to meet there, and probably the needs of it (IMO, the same case as R-10 at least). The question that is going in circles around my head is: why not taking there the best of the amps you could get? One of you guys (bozebutton I think) own a Cary, and a heavy modded, Melos, and some others as well own good amps, honestly to take there a boostaroo, the Xin superdual, and an SR-71, to drive the Qualia, was extremelly funny for me...of course differences of quality appart. IMO none of those amps is up to the task of driving "probably" the best dynamic headphone ever made....

But even though, IMO at least the Stealth should do the job there, synergy appart.....It is an expensive good amp...
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Do not doubt the boostaroo.

All joking aside, the "Micro Meet" was just for fun after our appointment was over - technically it wasn't even IN the store lol. The Boostaroo and Superdual made their first appearances then - never did they touch the 010.

The SR-71 did power the 9000ES, which was an improvement over just using the headphone jack. It was the only thing we had on hand that we could plop on top of it since it had to stay in the cabinet. Perhaps the Solo can be put on top of it this time around, and I can snake a cord down to the outlet below...

The 3960 with any amp greater than The Stealth amp on hand would have been overkill perhaps - and I think Bozebuttons brought the Krell amp because it had a nice synergy with the R10, plus it had two headphone outs, which was nice for A/B comparos. Remember, we had no idea what the 010 would sound like - the Cary may or may not do the trick, the Supra may or may not be the same.

So yep perhaps the first time we weren't coming in with all guns blazing, but we did the best with what we could haul there. Everyone but Bozebuttons had to hightail it there without a car, so there is a limit to what we can bring. Bozebuttons brought what he thought would be best, so let's not knock that. If anything, remember - if my friend didn't surprise me with the SR-71 the night before, a Superdual would have most likely have been on top of the 9000ES that day. You do what you can.

But this is a mini-meet. The Fall NYC meet will rock - every rig imaginable will be there for the 010 I bet! By then I think the cans should be pretty much burned in (if we can actually get the Qualia store ones there) so there's that to look forward too.

Hope that explains things!
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Originally Posted by Nik
Yes, I have the new Sony Qualia 010 arrived yesterday to my house.

EDIT: OMG I thought this thread was about those Quail power cord things didn't realise it was about a pair of headphones, please disregard.
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Originally Posted by PinkFloyd
Congratulations! keep us updated with the next piece of marketing "flagship" BS you get drawn into

Man this is a great spectator sport
it may not be fully burned in by the 26th, but we'll see how the Pink 2004 Solo Turbo does against the 010, should be fun to get more than just my impressions!
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Originally Posted by Jahn
it may not be fully burned in by the 26th!

It may not arrive for that date If you screen it off I bet you a packet of peanuts it wins the day............ easily. ie: hide all the amps behind a curtain.


If you are looking at an uber cool ridiculously priced amp chances are your subconscious will lead your ears to believe it is the best.......... go blind Jahn.
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If pinkie can run with the big boys i will be SO HAPPY. I'll do it blind as you suggest!
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Pink Floyd --

Have no fear about "star name" influence. I for one am extremely wary and skeptical about "Emperor's New Clothes" syndromes, and I'm sure the others in our group are of similar mind.

I'm off to a nice dinner. Bye
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And personally i really liked that stealth tube amp on my 3960. It helped that i didn't know the reputation of the krell at all too lol.
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I think that you could do a call from some manufacturers, (or members), maybe Headroom, Todd, Meier, Mikhail, Ray, etc....and they could offer a few loans for this new "experimental meet", at the end if any of their amps hit the nail with the Qualia, that will benefit them also.....I live in NJ, and I have just a decent PPA, with glassman buffers for now, and dial o bass, it sounds very nice, but it is not a multithousand amp neither....and probably the Perreaux pretty soon, but I don't think the Perreaux will be an amp for it neither....the PPA maybe.....
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come on the 26th!
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Originally Posted by Jahn
come on the 26th!
Don't tempt me.....
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Originally Posted by Sovkiller
Don't tempt me.....
Q010 and R10 wants brother CD3000 to come visit

I'd like to hear a PPA as solid state amps will be lacking.
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Originally Posted by lan
Q010 and R10 wants brother CD3000 to come visit

I'd like to hear a PPA as solid state amps will be lacking.

PM all the info, I will be more than glad to be one of the group (BTW not an english native speaking so be prepared for my bad english).....a CD3000, a good PPA, with linear PSU (btw an excellent match for the CD3000 that is also considered bright) with bassboost via dial o bass, and the Perreaux.....I have another idea, why not renting a minivan or the like, for the ocassion, and carry everything in there.....
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i dont think sony will let you crash at their "crib" for 3 weeks like you guys are planning...
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