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go for the AMC CD8B.
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fiddler: don't know if this is within your budget or not, but Brack Audio down on Front Street in Toronto is having a moving-to-new-location sale..I think (can't remember) that they've got the Rotel RCD-971 and 961 for Cdn$600 and Cdn$500 respectively. Both are good players.
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Why do you say the AMC, arnett?

It seems the AMC is not widely available here in my region, if at all. I found a bunch of NAD dealers though.

So, for the same amount of money, which is the better buy: the NAD C521 or the Cambridge D300SE?
I want good sound, but not sacrificing build quality.
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Originally posted by fiddler
Why do you say the AMC, arnett?
now that i know you're looking for more detail or 'bite,' i think the AMC is better for that purpose.

i think a NAD player would be good as well, but they're more expensive.
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Well the 570's line out is pretty good. It has enough of the basic tonal elements of what a CDP should minimally produce. You're just missing out on soundstaging, bass weight (particularly noticeable when I switch immediately from the 570 to 9000ES), transparency, airiness, etc, stuff you probably won't be able to seriously get without spending $500+.

If you're lacking treble bite, I don't think a source upgrade is going to give it to you. You might want to seriously consider changing your headphone. Changing your headphone is much more likely to give you the treble you want in much more audible amounts, than if you messed around with the source or cables. What you're asking for here is a tonal improvement, and IMO and experience, nothing gives more tonal improvement in an audio chain than the output end. And besides, the HD600s are arguably one of the smoother headphones out there, particularly in the treble. That alone makes me strongly suspect you should go out and look at another headphone, particularly the HD-590 if you want to stay within Team Sennheiser.
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As I said earlier Vert, I'm generally happy with the sound, and switching to the CT570 already made a significant improvement. I never bothered to compare the two (the 570 and my Technics changer) because I stupidly assumed that the full-sized Technics MUST sound better than a mere portable.. Boy was I wrong. Everything sounds almost just right now, but the 570 is a little on the thin side. I seriously love the natural presentation of music the HD600 has, so I won't be changing my headphones anytime soon. First I will upgrade the source, probably to the NAD 521 or the Cambridge 300SE mentioned earlier. I'm leaning towards the Cambridge right now due to the rave reviews I see everywhere. I really love the looks of the NAD though. Very neat and minimalist. Then I'll think about upgrading the interconnects, then finally the HD600 cord.
Thanks for all your help guys!
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Nothing can beat a good source. Cables, amps, headphones... will not produce sound that is not there from the source.

I have used Silversonic cables. They will brighten things up, and increase some detail. But that's not really worth the $100 in your case.

Clou cables for HD600's are essential. They will make an audible difference in any system.

My advice is, high end amp and headphones won't cure a cheap source.

Go for a cd player, single tray, at the $500 and up price range.

If you can, go for the Clou or optional cables for the HD600's with that or after that. Then, last of all, the interconnects for the CD player. Go for a Straightwire Encore II from Audio Advisor, with their 30 day return policy. If they are not bright enough, try the Silver Sonic BL1's. They will be brighter. I personally did not like the Silver Sonics. I like the laid back high detail of the Encore II's.

This will give a good, though non-portable system.
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My friend has been looking in to buying a new CDP and has tested all of the cd players you mention + a few others... The AMC he tried he liked in the store because it has XLR which is usually only found on really expensive cdp's. But he didn't like the sound of the player it all, it looks nice and all but it doesn't perform right, he wants less bass and more treble. The amc wasn't that biased... The 500SE has gotten really great reviews, theres one at tnt. He took it home, and he really fell in love with the sound of it. Only prolblem is price, but hees getting it from ENgland.

Good luck
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