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Does anyone know about the Sony D5. I found one at a pawn shop down in Branson Mo. good shape with a manufacturing date of 1995. It looks a bit like the D25S (square only thicker and plastic case).
I don't have any specs except it requires 9vdc ,doesn't have the coveted resume of other sonys and seems to have a pretty hefty output judging from a quick listen. Now that I'm the proud owner of ETY4 I plan to give it another audition when we return to the the lake this spring. Would appreciate any input cause you all steered me in the right direction re; ety.
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I've got a D-5. It was the first PCDP made. I don't like the sound as well as some of the later Sonys like the D-25 and D-303, it seems to be a little brighter, the highs are emphasized a bit more. Very powerful output though. Unless it is dirt cheap, you are better off getting a D-25S for $45.

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I used to have one (a D-5) wayyyyyy back when. Can't remember what cans I used with it but I know they weren't the stock Sonys that came with it. It was indeed the first 'portable' but the case needed to provide it with power when away from a wall was so big and heavy it wasn't exactly a treat to take places! It also sucks juice like a V-8 drinks fuel. 6 C-cells were good for about 4 hours of play. Still, back when I was 13 it was the coolest thing around and those silver discs were magical. Anyone else remember cardboard longboxes???
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My friend still has his d-5. I wouldn't reccomend getting it unless its a drop dead good price. The reason why people are raving bout the d25 is because its a good solid unit for a good price, not neccessarily because its an antique.

Anyway, my friends d-5 is busted really bad so i can't listen to it. I think it possibly could be quite durable seeing as how he trashed it for almost 2 decades and it only broke 2 years ago. All else i can remember bout it is that it eats batteries for breakfast, sounded horrible through stock phones (not unlike all players), and was pretty hefty to take around with you.
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