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Sony D-EJ1000, D-EJ01 or D-E905?

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Hi all,

I am trying to decide between the Sony D-EJ1000, D-Ej01 and D-E905 PCDP's, Sony's top models from the last few years.

They all seem to have various pro's and con's, which only makes it harder to choose.

I would prefer a unit which can produce good volume straight from the headphone out (D-E905?), but I love the slide in feature of the D-EJ01 (which apparently scratches and marks easily?), and the tiny size of the D-EJ1000 is attractive (but poor headphone out?).

I know some guys on the forum collect these things, but I only have the $$$$ to buy one really good PCDP.

So, if you are familiar with one or more of the above units, I'd appreciate your comments!
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Having both the E905 and the EJ1000, I would say straight off that its a no brainer, and that you should go for the 905, it sounds phenomenal... but, there is a problem!

The remote control has the only LCD on the whole unit, and for some unknown reason, the designers decided to make a 'micro' plug adapter for the headphone socket...

There was at one point, a micro to mini jack plug converter (luckily I have one) but, these things are like gold dust!!

So, if you can get one of those adapters... E905 all the way... if not, and you don't mind losing the remote (and... more importantly the LCD) still, the 905, Otherwise, I wouldn't go near Sony for the headphone out, the EJ1000 is very poor in comparison to the older player...

The (modern) Panasonic range reportedly sounds superior to the current crop of Sonys - Not that i'm trying to disuade you from the EJ1000, in principle it IS a great unit, its just that I know that there is better out there!
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Just a FYI, you can still buy the micro/square to mini plug from Sony on the Sony parts site.

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I can't really say panasonic sounds better than Sony. I think panasonic is a little to warm, but usually they are less grainy than the Sony's. The only annoyance is that many of the panasonic models in the US today do not come with a line out. Of course, if you are aiming at the EJ-1000, the comparable panasonic should come with a line out.
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Does the D-E905 have more power (volume) through the headphone out than the D-EJ1000?

And if so, how much...that is to say,can you reach uncomfortable levels?(I realise it is a subjective opinion)

I have heard that the older models have 10mw output compared to 5mw in the recent models...
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I'm going to go back on something I said on Saturday...

The D-EJ1000 is almost as good as the older players, it (to me) plays equally as loud (and... yes, it IS only a 5mw amp... maybe the older players just keep the extra on tap for more headroom?)... The only major criticisms that I can make towards the player are that the bass is a shade heavier than the E905... the mids seem ever so slightly more congested, but the one biggest complaint which I can throw at it is that the treble seems very closed in... the E905 (and the D777) open the treble up like a book, whereas the EJ1000 keeps that book mostly closed.

Its not that much of a bad thing if you don't have the older players... after all, do you miss what you didn't know was there? and we are only talking portable equipment here?!

As long as you keep the volume at no higher than 26 out of 30, and don't use the MegaBass (level 2 brings the treble to almost the level of the older players, but... MASSIVE distortion because of the bass) then this will be a faithful player!

The reason why i'm hard on it, is quite simply because I have better... but for those that don't... this DOES appear to be a good player, and it is a helluva lot better than the D-EJ825!!!!
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