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Philips HP550?

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If anyone knows anything about the philips hp550 headphone....please share. It looks like, well, a poor man's CD3000 if you will. And i could definetely use a poor man's CD3000

So.......thanx in advance
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First time I've seen them.

Only $30.

Whats with the blue thingys?
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For what its worth here is an Amazon review:

Editorial Reviews
Think you have to shell out big bucks for quality headphones? Think again. This set from Philips offers comfort for long listening sessions, a closed-ear design that keeps unwanted noise from interfering with your music, pivoting earcups that help the headset fold to coat-pocket size, and--happiest of all--clear, well-balanced sound with surprisingly good bass.
Sure, you'll get better sound with more expensive headphones: cleaner bass, more refined treble, less fatiguing midrange. But to get that, you'd have to pay several times what these puppies will run you; we dare say they're the best headphones out there for under $100.

And the fact is, even headphones that give you some of the more "expensive" qualities mentioned above don't do so with the same innate sense of rightness imparted by the HP550s. With this set, the spirit of the music came across from every disc we played, from the nuanced Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack to Oregon's delicate acoustic textures and U2's hard-hitting All That You Can't Leave Behind.

The padded earcups are comfortable and well suited for either home or portable listening. They don't block all noise, so you may still want to consider a noise-canceling headphone for airplane travel. But the HP550's combination of comfort, convenience, sound quality, and affordability is unrivaled in our experience. Personally cherished and highly recommended. --Michael Mikesell


Amazingly good sound for the price
Clear, tight bass response
Closed-ear design superb for portable use
Comfortable ear cushions
Compact size
Fluorescent, high-tech sheen

Limited high-frequency extension (despite a strong HF measurement)
They make you look like one of the Jetsons
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Forgot the specs!

Technical data

Headphone type: Dynamic
AFC (Automatic Frequency Control): None
Cord length: 5 feet
Design principle: Closed ear
Earpiece: Circumaural, with 40 millimeter neodymium voice coils
Headband style: Adjustable, over-the-head
Headphone in-line volume control: No
In the box: HP550 headphone, 0.25-inch adapter
Termination: 0.125 inches
Mono switch: No
Analog input jacks: N/A
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 10 to 28,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Modulation: N/A
Noise cancellation range: None
Noise reduction: None
Operating frequencies (broadcast): N/A
Power consumption: N/A
RF power output: N/A
Sensitivity/efficiency (DIN 45 measurement): 102 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio (playback): N/A
Transmission range: N/A
Tuning range (receive): N/A
Adapter: Yes
Width: 5 inches
Height: 8 inches
Depth: 3.5 inches
Weight: 6 ounces

Note: taken from Amazon.com website.
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They have them for 24.61 shipped.


Heck try them. Return them if you don't like them.

Good Luck!
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Those thin silver things that attach the headband to the earcups look awfully fragile...
Much too tacky-looking for my tastes...
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oh....do come on, there, fiddler - it's about the sound.....and these will be home cans, anyway.

Well, thanx for all the quick responses - i think i have another thing on my wish list!
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Yes it's about the sound coolvij.. but most headphones that look 'cool' suck in terms of sound quality.. The last cans that I heard that looked sort of like that were a pair of cheapo (around the same price as those) Panasonic closed cans.. HORRIBLE sound. You could hear the sound resonating in the hollow plastic earcups, the treble was unbearably bright, midrange was congested and rough sounding, and there was NO bass to speak of. (These were headphones RECOMMENDED to me by the guy at the local A/V store.. I swear those guys know JACK **** about audio.. The BEST cans they carried were the PortaPros, which I bought after they marked down the price because they were collecting dust in a forgotten corner.)
Ever since that traumatizing experience, any phone that looks even REMOTELY like those P.O.S cans gives me the chills.

And still, those look very fragile to me.. I would so bend those wire-thingies out of shape in less than a week.
Besides, Phillips have never been known for their headphones, to the best of my knowledge...
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Well, screw those tin-ear A/V-store people!!
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These are widely available in Sweden. I've auditioned them several times. They're in fact not as fragile as they look in the picture. Good for portable use, they are easily driven and fold to an amazingly small ball. However the sound isn't that good. As with any other Philips cans I've ever tried including their earbudes there is a profound treble roll-off. This makes them sound dull and shut in. The bass and midrange are OK. Shame about the treble since they could have been a nice portable phones.
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darn......guess i'll have to get something else......
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