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I purchased a Sennheirser cable from NiceCans. Communication was friendly, informative, and timely and the cable was shipped very quickly and was brand new in an opened package. This was a very pleasant transaction - thanks Lisa!!!
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I just bought some 501s from NiceCans. Very quick responses to my PMs, quick shipping, and extremely friendly. I can't believe she put up with all those stupid PMs from me without any complaints.

Thank you, NiceCans!
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Bought some CDs from Lisa, and it was a positive experience. She was quick to respond to my inquiry, and she shipped exactly when promised. My purchase was very well packaged too. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks Lisa.
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Cd sale

bought about 10 cds from my fellow head-fier... came in a real small package so at first i worried they were smashed but turns out i was just paranoid and they were packed very well.

was an absolute pleasure to deal with. thanks again!
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"NiceCans" purchased a PINT amplifier from me.
Communication was clear, friendly and polite and the transaction was completed swiftly.
I would not hesitate to do business with Lisa again in the future.
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I purchased 2 Cd's from Nice Cans a few days ago. Not only did the CD's arrive in fantastic condition, but her estimates on shipping were spot on-which is always nice. Nice Cans kept completing the sale a very simple and well-conducted process. Again, thank you!
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I sold NiceCans a Taiwan Grado headphone case. Payment was super quick, and so was the communication. Great transaction!
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Purchased 2 cd's from NiceCans. They arrived in great shape, and were well packed! Communication was great! This was a very seamless transaction!
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i bought a pair of SR-60s from Lisa. they were shipped quickly, were packed well, and communication was great. i would definitely do business with her again.
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I recently sold to NiceCans a set of CX300. She communicated quickly and before I knew it I received instant payment. Thanks Lisa!!!!!
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I purchased a rare music CD from NiceCans. It was shipped promptly, and packed nicely in brand new materials. The communication was quick and courteous. I would not hesitate to deal with NiceCans again.
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Lisa purchased window cleaning supplies from me.. .. .. ..payment was lightning fast, she was also a nice polite girl to deal with..excellent ++ an asset to Head-Fi.
Also forgot to mention I threw in a set of Ety ER4p's for good measure..
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My introductory purchase here was from NiceCans. I bought a CD from her, and she also helped me figure out PayPal. Everything went very smoothly, and the CD, in great condition, was here in only a few days.
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Bought some music during the CD sale, worked out quite well and I'm happy with my purchase. Thanks much!
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Excellent seller!

I bought a pair of Etymotic ER4P's with accessories from NiceCans. Couldn't be happier with purchase. Helpful, friendly, and a pleasure to do business with. Would buy from again without a second thought.
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