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Headphones for Fiio X5ii

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Hey there , I recently decided to buy the Fiio X5ii and wanted to know which headphones are a good match with it (i preffer overear ones) so i thought i will get some help from the pros (I have never had any kind of semi-pro music equipment) :) i mainly listen to rock and metal but also some classical music and generally preffer a bright sound :) Also its worth mentioning that i dont have access to any kind of store that sells headphones in which i could try them out , i can only order online ,thats why im posting this !
Thanks in advance :) forgot to mention that my budget is around 200 euros

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The ATH-MSR7 is said to be quite neutral with a little tilt towards bright. The reviews say it has a very smooth treble, which I feel is a must for brighter headphones.

I love the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear. Which isn't bright. But It's not all that warm, either. It sounds very lively, and well suited for rock and metal.
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thank you very much :) i just got them and i feel like im in heaven !! they sound great with all settings on default but even greater with metal EQ on which boosts treble a bit and reduces bass a little i think :-? 
whatever it is im VERY very happy , thanks again for the advice :)

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Which one did you get, the AT or Senn?
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Hi guys, does anyone know how X5 will sound with ATH-ES10 and maybe FiiO E12?
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