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Is all of this really worth it for $40-50 savings? Why don't you try doing the same thing with the U.S. distributor? It just seems silly buying U.S. headphones from overseas.
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I agree - if the Taiwan thing is too hard then scrap it and go for a group purchase from Alessandro USA. I am sure we can get more people to join in the group buy and shipping costs will also be reduced.

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Please have a little more patience and no worries. I have left messages on the message board and they will see very soon. If in a few hours there's still no reply I will call them.
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Originally Posted by 3lusiv3
Is all of this really worth it for $40-50 savings? Why don't you try doing the same thing with the U.S. distributor? It just seems silly buying U.S. headphones from overseas.
Oh trust me, if we could get something worked out with Alessandro for a group purchase and not have to have them shipped from Taiwan, I would be all for it. Someone should call them though, because they sure aren't very good about returning emails.

But to answer your question, yes I think saving $50 is well worth it. That may be pocket change for some members here, but I'm in college and money doesn't exactly grow on trees for me (yet).
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NOTE: They say they have replied the E-Mail. micr0c0sm... see if you have received it. I'm not sure whom it was sent to, which isn't mentioned in the message. http://www.hifi.com.tw/gbook4/index.asp
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Im very sorry I just had an extremely busy and exhausting weekend.

I got the e-mails. I am confirming with him that we will buy 10 alessandro MS-2s for a total of $240 shipped each to a location in the US.

What this means, is that the total price for these phones are going to be $240 + domestic shipping. He will send out the headphones in boxes of 5, so there is a possibility of shipping to two seperate adressess. This way we can cut down on the domestic shipping even more. If you are willing to pay $240+domestic reply to this thread with the subject and title "Confirmed $240+domestic".
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I'm still in.

I'm in. Please send me paypal instructions.
Thanks for the great work micr0c0sm and Shang-Ti!
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Confirmed $240+domestic shipping

Confirmed $240+domestic shipping
Sorry for not following directions.
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This is looking good. $50.00 savings after all shipping is taken into consideration is certainly good.

Wonder what may have happened if a larger scale group buy had come through.

STILL - the matter of payment exists. I am ready to pay one person in FL who will receive the headphones. The payment will include :-

* Cost of headphones
* My share of the shipping cost from Alessandro to the collector of the 5-pack

* Shipping cost to my door.

Any ideas?

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$240+domestic shipping to Pittsburgh, PA
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Confirmed $240 + domestic....

I'm in Ellicott City, Maryland BTW

Looks like I'm closest to box1 but also not incredibly far away from box2
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EDIT: Sorry i'm out. Need to stop spending the money so easily
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Confirmed $240+domestic

I'm in!

Barry Thall
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I am out!!

Spent the money on this : http://www.raleighusa.com/items.asp?...temid=206&va=0

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Confirmed $240.00 plus domestic shipping

Another happy customer.
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