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GROUP BUY: Alessandro MS-2s

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Status : Alessandro is on vacation until monday. I will contact him then and see when I can pick up the cans. Shipping is expected to cost ~$10-$15 depending on where you live.

 1. micr0c0sm      New York       PAID (225.00)    Have Address
 2. lennonsbug     New Jersey     PAID (225.00)    Have Address
 3. Imyourzero     West Virginia  PAID (225.00)    Have Address
 4. bthall         California     PAID (225.00)    Have Address
 5. tyrion         Florida        PAID (112.50)    Have Address
 6. -----          -----          -----            -----
 7. Judge Crandall Pennsylvania   PAID (112.50)    Have Address
 8. bhd812         Illinois       Pay when shipped Have Address
 9. HomeyC         Florida        PAID (225.00)    Have Address
10. highflyin9     Maryland       PAID (112.50)    Have Address    
11. doobooloo      Pennsylvania   PAID (225.00)    Have Address
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I have not received a reply mail from thier office, so I have sent another. To show good faith, this is how payment will work:
You pay me through paypal half of the price now, half when you get the item. I really would prefer full payment through paypal, but if anyone has reservations this should stop thier reservations about my reputation. If it means anything, my eBay account is AudraOne. I do not have a heatware but I have completed 2 transactions on these boards. Once I get all the payments, then I order.

So right now, we are just waiting on a reply...
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I have left message on their message board to remind them...
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They quoted me the following for one unit:
"The total price including insured shipping to USA would be $9000 NTD, which
comes out to approx. $265 USD."

So, hopefully the group order would reduce that to 240-250 plus domestic shipping. I've received EMS from Hong Kong on several occasions and it was comparable to priority 2-day and only took about 3-4 days delivered.
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Originally Posted by Shang-Ti Chen
I have left message on their message board to remind them...
Thanks for helping us out with this group purchase Shang-Ti Chen!

Have you actually been to the store in Taiwan that carries the MS-2's? I was just wondering if the headphones or packaging were different in any way. Is the writing on the boxes still in English? I know it may seem like a stupid question, but when items are imported into the USA from Japan, they don't have Japanese writing on the packaging so I was wondering about the MS-2's in Taiwan.

lennonsbug, the price of the MS-2's in that store are $229. I was hoping with the group purchase that they'd be around $240-$250 AFTER shipping, since there should be a very significant amount of money saved by them shipping several sets at once rather than just one at a time. $240 may be wishful thinking, since we'll still have to pay postage from their arrival point in the USA to our residences, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Even $50 saved off of the regular $299 shipped price would be a pretty big savings.
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No problem buddy. The packaging is completely the original of Alessandro's. There is not anything done to it. Everything is original. The white cardboard box, cables, MS-2's themselves. The only difference is the additional warranty card of Hifi. Today is their regular day off so we shall get the response by tomorrow. And yes I have been to the store for many times. Guess what, I have bought two pairs of Music Series Pro from them so far and going to buy the third pair soon, HAHAHAHAHA! Ok... I have sold the first pair which had been used for a year with a good price and the current second pair is very new and I'll be selling it to Permonic very soon. Please see this thread about how great the store is. http://www5.head-fi.org/forums/showt...d=1#post949508
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Oops didn't notice. micr0c0sm has received their response.
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Bump - I'm in as well.
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Originally Posted by micr0c0sm
Update! Seems that the regular shipped price is $265 each. I have sent them an email to see if getting 10 sets we could lower it to $240/person, or $2,400 total. Just need one more person.
That's great news! $240 is a lot better than $299.

Would that $240 include shipping to our house, or only to the arrival point in the US? I'm thinking at most it would be $245 because heck you could send these via USPS Priority Mail for $4-$5. For those that don't like or trust USPS, I guess you could make arrangements for UPS/FedEx ground. Though it would be easier to send the 10 sets at once from the post office, rather than make runs to the UPS and FedEx stations. But I realize most everyone has had a bad experience with a shipping company at one time or another and most people have a preference.

And heck, why stop at 10 sets? If we could manage to get 15, or even <gasp!> 20 people interested, we could probably get the price of the MS2 down to $200-$220 per unit!! That would be awesome, but I don't know if there are that many people interested at this time.

And another thing--it is important that the 10 people that are currently on that list be able to pay when this goes through. I really want these headphones and can send the money as soon as we're ready to rock & roll with this, but it seems that with almost every group purchase, the people that come through is less than the number of people that initially sign up. Ideally it would be good if we could get at least 12 people on the list, so that if not every single person can pay due to whatever reason, we can still get the discounted price.
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No news is bad news...any update? Paypal ready to go...
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I would like to let you guys know that unless there is some sort of savings over ordering directly from alessandro USA - I am not going to go through with this. A $20 - $50 savings will be ideal.

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That is the entire point of this group buy to save a few bucks, so we have more money for more toys.
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I know - If there IS some savings then I will paypal my money...

I have a feeling it will go through because it is a good business prospect. But I have doubts about 10 headphones being enough for this. If 100 pieces went out then we could get significant savings.

Whatever it is worth...i'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Any idea WHEN we will have a final pricing?
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They are ahead of us, so it's monday there. Hopefully, we get there response by tomorrow. Worst case, we all save $50 off the direct price of $299 if you ordered direct from Allesandro in PA.
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Originally Posted by lennonsbug
They are ahead of us, so it's monday there. Hopefully, we get there response by tomorrow. Worst case, we all save $50 off the direct price of $299 if you ordered direct from Allesandro in PA.

Thats good enough for me. Does that price include shipping?

Assuming taiwan comes through - how much cheaper than $250.00 will it get with shipping costs taken into consideration?
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