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Hi everyone


I am still on the journey of discovering new IEMs that potent new technologies (like ADEL). 

On the past year, there has been masses of new companies as well as kickstarters that produce high-end universals. 


I understand that in my life, I will never achieve experience equals to having a go in all of the IEMs around the world. 


Therefore, I would like to see everyone's personal preferences, on the top 5 universal IEMs (open budget $$$$) currently in production and are excellent in all high-mid-low departments (overall sound).


What comes to my mind, and I know they might and might not be the best sounding: 

- EE Zeus R 

- 64Audio U12 (APEX?)

- Lime Ear Aether

- Noble K10u

- Customart Harmony 8 



Happy debates!