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For Sale: HE400i, HD600

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For Sale:
HE400i, HD600

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Need to clear out some headphones I am not using as much, prices below are net to me, so add Paypal + shipping fees, will ship worldwide from HK.


HD600: Black Drivers, comes with HD650 cable, headband is a little worn, stock factory pads are also a little worn out, so will include 3rd party earpads. Looking for $180 $175 USD SOLD


HE-400i: Bought new in November 2015, new version (2.5mm connectors) with full packaging, grill-modded (inner felt taken off), will include extra Oppo PM1/PM2 cable (to 3.5mm). Looking for $270 $265 USD


UPDATE: Will include an extra pair of focus pads for $15 more dollars with HE400i purchase, stock pads are a little worn and the adhesive has started to come off in places.


PM me if you want more details, will update with photos a little later

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updated with pics of both headphones

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Do the black HD600's sound darker than the newer HD600's?


The black 650's definately sound a lot darker than the newer 650's hence the ask.

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