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Hello head-fi,


I'm looking to upgrade my AKG K450 as I was never happy with the muddy bass and lack of detail in mids and highs. What I do love about these cans is the folding design, comfort, ear cups and detachable chord.
So I recently bought a pair of HD25-1, but these lack the folding option, are less portable and just a tad too big and warm on the ears for my taste.

My favorite portable phones ever were PX100 but I went through 6 of those because of the terribly thin cables. Ideally, I would have px100 or px95 drivers in a K450 design, but with detachable cable.
Do you know of any cans that fit this profile?

- akg k450 like design
- on ear
- folds
- sturdy
- detachable cable
- (semi) open
- balanced sound, prefer clarity, detailed mids and highs over bass

I've googled a lot to find a pair that ticks these boxes but no luck yet. I hope you know more than I do! Thanks in advance :)

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