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For Sale:
JVC SZ2000 - World Renowned Basshead Heavyweights - 55x pads upgrade !!! free shipping !!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

If you didn't already know, check the extreme basshead thread, the JVC 55X pads actually do help. you need to buy  a set for $30-40 to get the pads off but i will include them in the total price.... if for some reason you want the stock pads and 55x pads send me 180!


anyway these are back up for sale cause the previous buyer backed out on em.


these were my backups if i f****d up my SZ2000 recable mod.


they are in perfect condition except for a bit of green duct tape near the 3.5mm connector so i knew which was my old set and which was the new ones before i did the recable on my other ones.


Will ship USPS retail ground, can ship priroity for extra $10-15 depending on area

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