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i have been lost about which to buy, i like to listen to mp3s i know they aren't the highest the quality but moi is a college student and can't afford cds, so i would rather just download mp3s for the moment... but i heard md's are better in both quality and can hold better quality songs in a different format...

can anybody guide me to the light of which is better and guide me to the light of which "quality cheap" stuff i can buy... we are talking below 150 bucks thing..
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if all you have is a large MP3 database, I see no reason to get an MD. quality-wise, you'll only be compressing the compressed audio again, which can't be good. Atrac is better than MP3 (of similar bitrate), but if you're starting with MP3, you can't add whats already lost. if you're downloading music, not ripping and encoding it yourself, quality will be kinda limited already. besides, if you get an MP3 player, you can record really quick, which can be an advantage.

there are some cool mini-CD MP3 players out there. nice and small media with lotsa storage. they do require a CD-'burner' as they can't record themselves. not sure what they cost, but I bet they're within your budget. or you could could one of those huge MP3-CD players (using regular CD-R/RW media). another option would be a 64mb or something solidstate player, but the media is really expensive, so you're constantly uploading music. can't help ya with more accurate recommendations, I don't usually recommend MP3 players
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