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Using the AK70 as a USB DAC (with MacBook Air), I'm finding issues with stuttering & pops, intermittently and mainly when switching between bit rates on Tidal (although it can randomly happen in the middle of a track too). I love this as a DAP but it's functionality as a USB DAC (which was a purchase consideration), is making me have second thoughts...

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Hi guys
Has anyone face a strange sound when play music with sample rate 48kHz which I found the music will play at slower speed than usual?
One more question how to combine music from micro ad with the music that come with the player, after scan for media I can't find it
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Has anyone had any joy putting audiobooks onto the player? 


I have some audible files but there in there propriety AAX/AAC format which didnt register on the player, or so it seemed. 

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So I got an AK70 in the mail and I'm eager to try out the balanced output.  Looking to connect it to my Hifimans with the dual 2.5mm imputs but for the life of me I only found one (who's price still gives me the shakes) and that won't happen.  Best I can find is a male 2.5mm TRRS plug to XLR male connected to a female XLR to dual 2.5mm TRS male.  Kinda wonky and I think it'll work and it's under $100 but I'd perfer a single cable that won't break the bank...any suggestions?


And no, I don't want to make my own.

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Forza Audioworks makes AWESOME cables at affordable prices, and you can choose pretty much any connector you want. A Copper series MkII cable with balanced 2.5mm TRRS and Hifiman plugs will set you back around 100€ + shipping.

Unbeatable bang for buck
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What about AK70 connected to Chord Mojo via USB?

Works well playing also DSD files in DoP?

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