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Well just been in touch with my local dealer about my x-cansv2 and it looks like a MINIMUM of at least 3 weeks without them!

Sob sniff theres my lovely new x-psu sitting on the side with my pair of senns 565's looking lonely now, how am I supposed to last three weeks with out the amp dammit?

Oh well guess I'll just have to annoy everyone more by using the speaker system again

It's strange, recently I had the house to myself for a fortnight and instead of blasting out prog rock on the speakers I was using my hp and amp a lot more and really getting in to the sound

Oh well at least at the end of the three weeks I'll be paid again so when I go in to collect it I can wonder round the shop going hmmm I wonder what that sounds like!

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THREE weeks?? Thats heavy... I really pity you!! (says me listening to my X-Cans )

What did the dealer say was wrong with it? Nothing TOO terminal I hope? Mine is still singing sweetly... So, I'm gonna pamper it, wrap it up in a sheet at night-time to keep it warm... feed it milk, and biscuits, and see if maybe, just maybe, it'll grow to maturity

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