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What is the best alternative to CD players?

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I love music but ive never been a big fan of carrying around a huge player such as a cd player. Right now im considering a md player but im wondering for sound quality, what is the best alternative to cds?
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Minidisc is probably the way to go. MP3's suck in comparison...some codecs are decent (LAME, Fraunhoffer) but it's still not as good as minidisc.

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Minidisc baby, and make sure you get one with Type R
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It depends on what you want to do, and what kind of ear you have. I have a minidisc player, but if I was going to do it again, I would have bought a mini-CD mp3 player, because I'd save a lot of money, and what I'd give up wouldn't be a big deal to me.

What do you intend to use it for? Is making live recordings important to you? How much of a difference between well-encoded mp3s and CDs do you notice? What sort of battery life do you need? What is going to be your source for transferring songs from CDs or mp3s to the media? All these questions are important. Not all media is a good fit for everyone.
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Good points RMSzero, those are definately important things to consider. I was reccomending soley on the base of sound quality since he said, "im wondering for sound quality, what is the best alternative to cds?"
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If you intend to copy CDs to your new media, then MiniDisc is the way to go, without a doubt. With Type-R ATRAC (Sony), you'll get "CD-quality" recordings if your original source is of high quality.

I've made about 50 MD's worth of recordings via the headphone jack (using a 3.5 mm to 3.5mm plug) of my JVC mini-system, and they sound excellent. The newer MD units feature MDLP, which gives you a choice of longer recording times. For CD to MD, I'd use the SP mode, as that will preserve the original recording quality.

Some PCDP's have an optical out, which can be used with the MD recorder to make copies and maintain the track marks found on the CD. I have never done this, but many say the sound is superb.

Many will tell you that the LP2 mode of an MDLP unit yields good results. This is fine for mp3 stuff (which has lower bitrate performance than CDs), but I would not recommend it, unless, maybe, you wish to put a double CD recording on one blank MiniDisc.
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What's a mini-CD player?
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Originally posted by Osaire
What's a mini-CD player?
A shrunk down discman that plays 3" cds only, which can be found in some stores (mini cds go from 156 to 200MB's). They are used with the Sony Mavica digital camera line.
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Alternative to clumsy cd-player :

Get one of the new sonys! Let's face it... The 1" thick days are over! I couldn't possibly want anything smaller than my d-ej925...
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Are you happy with your D-EJ925?

I do like my 925, after I discovered its limitations.

I find that it's somewhat laid-back headphone amp is great for classical and jazz recordings, especially if the original is DDD. The bass is a bit heavy and distortion happens about two-thirds of the way up the scale on the remote. I use the "Bass 1" setting, as without MB, the sound is pretty dead.

The battery life is excellent. I guess it's just about impossible to make the 'ideal' PCDP and make it reasonably affordable....Yes, it's sooo thin, isn't it?
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Mega Bass? You're saying the 925 sounds bad without megabasS? Oh. I would say it's your headphones that sound bad... As far as I can tell you've only got earbuds. Try the 925 with a pair of beyer DT250's -- Megabass is suckie.. The 925 has got bass without it. Just need headphones with bass. The bass in your buds - with MB - on is midbass.. boomy midbass...

love your name though
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I simply find the "Bass 1" setting to be about right to use with my various cans - KSC-35's, MDR-E888's and D22SL's. For classical and jazz, the Bass 1 setting adds a little punch, for my ears.

Ideally, it would be soooo nice if Sony could have incorporated the 8-step bass/treble tone controls found on their high-end MD recorders. Now, that would be *perfect*...

Glad you like my name!
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