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Todd just bought my Cowon A2. Super-quick payment and awesome, instant communication and feedback. Really a model for all internet buyers/sellers/traders. Thanks for the quick and easy deal Todd.

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Todd bought my recabled RP-21s with Beyer leather pads. He was a pleasure to do business with and all went smoothly. Another great Head-Fi'er!

Enjoy the 'phones, Todd!!
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Purchased a set of speaker cables and interconnects from Todd, which arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Very smooth transaction and highly recommended!
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Bought a headphone and various cables that go with it. Very easy transaction, highly recommended.
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Despite receiving Todd's recabled Alessandros during Head-Fi's technical sabbatical, I could not forget what a pleasure it was to do business with him. Very informative- shipped quickly and answered all questions. Love the phones BTW.

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iPod 5.5g

I bought Todd's iPod shortly before the crash and received it safe and sound shortly thereafter. I highly recommend doing business with Todd; his description was spot-on accurate. Thanks Todd.
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I bought a DAP off Todd. It arrived perfectly in excellent condition. Great transaction and good communicator. Highly recommended!
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excellent buyer. bought a Silver Dragon cable from me. fast responses to all e-mail. A+++
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I was able to meet up with Todd and purchase his Sharp sd-ex111 mini system. Very nice guy to meet and deal with! Thanks very much!
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Todd sold me his Mister X HPDAC. He answered all my questions before the purchase and was happy to answer anything else. Let me know as soon as the package shipped and everything was packed to perfection. It's pretty obvious from all the feedback that he comes highly recommended, but here's one more recommendation. Thanks, Todd!
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Todd purchased a MS-2i headphone from me. He was very easy to work with and knew exactly what he wanted. Enjoy them!

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I bought a pair of Ultrasone HFI-2200ULE headphones. I'm not exactly new to trading, but I think this is probably the best experience I've ever had. Amazing deal, excellent communication, very quick shipping, and everything was in exactly the condition he stated (I'd say even a bit better). Couldn't ask for a better trader.
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Silver Dragon II cable

I purchased a Moon Audio Silver Dragon II ultrasone (mouthful there!) cable from Todd, and the transaction was extremely smooth, and the communication was great! I would not hesitate to make another purchase from Todd, highly recommend!!

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I bought Todd's Sennheiser HD580 with RAL cable. Easy to deal with, quick communication, simply a great transaction. Would easily recommend. Thanks!
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Awesome guy, he had a very fun contest, to guess the first CPU he ever owned The winner would receive his old Creative Zen V Plus.

This is not only awesome because I won, but he is giving back to the head-fi community. He shipped it for free fastly and I'm very glad I met Todd. Thanks Todd !
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