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I bought Todd's GCHA. Todd is simply awesome. Communication was absolutely flawless! He responded to all of my questions and PMs promptly.

Todd is such a generous person! He gave me the most spectacular deal ever and offered me a ton of extra stuff too! He even shipped the amplifier in a double box with great padding. That isn't where it ends. He went out of his way to ship it to me via expedited shipping so that I could have the amplifier! Wow, it's awesome. I can't thank him enough. Thank you!!
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Todd and i swapped some gear and i ended up with his w5ks. great communications, both by computer and phone and overall a fun transaction. i certainly would be happy to work with Todd again and would unhesitatingly recommend him to other head-fiers.
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Orchestrated a trade with Todd today in which I received a pair of bookshelf speakers from him. The speakers look fantastic and I'm sure they'll sound exactly as described as soon as I finish the amp for them! He's just a great guy to deal with, period.
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Met with Todd yesterday and purchased his Sound Dynamics RTS-3 speakers.

It was a pleasure to meet with you Todd and by the way, speakers sound absolutely GREAT (even with sonic impact t-amp) - beats my paradigm titan's which I paid 4x.

Recommended trader here! Hope to meet or do business again...
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I purchased Senn 650 plus RnB Grace 5-2 cable from Todd. This was my second transaction with Todd. Like always, the communication and overall transaction was exemplary. I highly recommend Todd. He is one of the best Head-Fier! Thanks Todd
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I bought a 60 GB iPod Video from Todd. It arrived very quickly and was exactly as described (new in box). Thanks Todd for a great item.
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I bought Todd's Music Hall MMF-5 turntable.

I picked it up at his house, we listened to some gear (and music!) and had a great talk. The TT was in fantastic shape just like Todd described. Very pleasant transaction, I'm very glad I got to pick this up in person and meet Todd

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I just completed a flawless transaction with Todd. I bought his Zhalou dac/ headamp. The price was excellent and he shipped the dac/ amp the same day expertly packed. He was giving me a free trial, but this was such a good buy, I went ahead and purchased the dac after an hour of listening. This dac was in mint condition too.

Highly recommended as a seller .... thanks again Todd!
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Traded an iRiver with Todd for some IC's - much fun was had bartering back and forth, and shipping was quick!
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Purchased a HPDAC from Skullguise. Quick shipping, great communication, packed as well or better than any product I have ever purchased.

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I sold skullguise my sansa e280 for a fair price. Excellent dealing with. Fast payment, good communication, and despite all of my other offers that fell through, Todd looked past my limited feedback and number of post and saw how much I was willing to go through to sell the item, he saw I was the type of person to NOT skrew anyone over.

Thanks again Todd!

(sorry for the late feedback)
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Yet another great deal with Todd!

Bought an amp from him and it arrived on time, well packed and as described.

Communication was great as before, being both quick and clear.

I also appreciate Todd's waiting for my confirmation (given the many time zones seperating us) before offering the amp to others who had expressed interest in the item.

Would deal again without hesitation.

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Todd musta been bored, or needed to be generous, at any rate he gave away a nice DAP to the person who could guess his wife's middle name.

He was nice enough to not only inform me that I was a winnah!, a few days later a BIG package arrived!

Thanks, Todd, for the spirit you have shown in your continued generousity to the Community!
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ahhh, yet another great transaction with this fine head-fier. Todd and i swapped his can amp for some ultrasones and senns of mine. great communication by email and phone. he shipped quickly and his packaging must be bomb proof! great guy - deal with confidence.
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I sold Todd a DAP. Extremely fast payment, great communication, updated me through the whole thing. Great buyer, would be willing to do buisness with again.
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