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Purchased a RSA Hornet amp from skullguise.

Excellent communication.
Package arrived quickly and packaged very well.
Amp arrived in perfect condition. Very well taken care of. Looks brand new.
I would buy again without hesitation.
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Just returned from Todd's house with a pair of Philips HP1000 in hand. He showed tremendous hospitality, and provided a listening test before the sale. Everything (cardboard sleeve, case, and headphones) was in fantastic condition, and I'm enjoying the new purchase as I type! Todd's a great seller and a great guy: Highly recommended.
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I bought an Audio-Resolution platform from Todd. He was a pleasure to deal with, and shipped the platform very quickly. Thanks!
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I purchased one of Larry the Headphile's creations from this seller, and love them immensly. Great and fast shipping from my own state. Thanks,
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Bought a Sony CDP from Todd and it was definitely a pleasure. He was easy and fast to deal with and threw in an SACD to boot! GREAT GUY!
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I bought an amp from Todd - that he actually recommended to me in the forums - and it was a perfect recommendation and transaction. There was excellent communication, perfect packaging, fast shipping and overall he is a great Headfier to deal with. I definately recommend Todd (skullguise) and would certainly do buissiness with him again. Thanks.
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Great Buyer!

Skullguise commissioned me to build him a custom Zynsonix headphone extension. He was quick to pay and a real pleasure to deal with. Communication was also top notch throughout the transaction. A highly recommended Headfier! Thanks Todd!
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I bought a pair of CD3ks from todd and had them shipped to Headphile for some modds Todd is a really great guy to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again
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Purchased a Panasonic SL-CT570 from him. It arrived very quickly, packaged very well, and it was in great shape. I would definitely buy from him again. Thanks!
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I bought a Corda Aria off of Todd. He's a great guy to deal with. Quick to respond to PMs, fast shipping, super friendly and generous. He included an upgraded power cable, pretty heavy duty. I think it would be worth around $100. What a great guy! Hope to deal with him again in the future. Thanks Todd!!!
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I sold Todd a pair of Beyerdynamic 250-80's. Great transaction. Super fast payment, excellent communciation and an overall very nice guy to deal with. I'd do business with Todd again anytime, buy or sell. Thanks Todd and enjoy the headphones.
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Unopened HF-1

I bought Todd's unopened HF-1. Received it today, nicely packed and arrived without any blemish on the pizzabox.

I offered to pay him more (considering the market value of an unopened HF-1, I actually offered him considerable less than the market value), but he kindly refused. He offered them at a lower cost, including all costs (paypal and shipping) and he contributed a part to Head-Fi! How honest can you be?! He didn't make any profit on me! What an asset to Head-Fi!

Todd, thanks a lot!!

Highly, HIGHLY recommended!!
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I purchased a Headphile Senn cable from Todd. He shipped quickly, has great communication, and is a nice guy. Highly recommended.
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Sony DNE20 CDP

I just purchased the DNE20 from Todd. The item came as described, packaged professionally and arrived very quickly. A fantastic seller and very easy to get in touch with. Highly recommended!
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sold him a ~200ohm adapter. A smooth transaction..
i would say he is a real asset to this community.
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