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Todd and I have done multiple deals. It's always a pleasure to chat with him and to transact with him and this time was no exception. We swapped some cans, and now I get to try out some Alessandros that I've been curious about for a long time. Oh, and he always overpacks the goodies to safeguard against gorilla handlers. Consider yourself lucky if you have the opportunity to work with him. He's a stellar head-fier!
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Bought an Oritek DAC from Todd. The guy is as personable and upstanding as they come, and the DAC's not bad, either.

Official rating: ZOMG WILL BUY AGAIN AAAAAA++++++++++++++++!@!11111!1!!!11!1
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Just did my second deal with Todd. This time, I sold an amp to him. He was very understanding about a small screwup of mine. Absolutely top rate guy to deal with.

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Sold Todd my pair of HD 380's and he's been a fantastic buyer. Quick payment, and great communication. Would do business again!
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Made my first head-fi purchase with Todd, who sold me his AKG K702s with RAL cable. Great communication, shipped when he said he would. Package arrived in perfect condition (double-boxed), condition of 'phones was as stated. Would definitely buy from him again. Thanks!
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he traded some shure e2s for my sansa view. communication was great and he even shipped his stuff out before me. great to deal with.
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Bought an amp from skullguise and it was packed well and shipped quickly with great communication.
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Sold him my tripp lite 250 power conditioner. Glad it works as well for you as it did for me. Perfect exchange of course.
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I purchased a used Promitheus solid-state DAC from Todd (skullguise).

It was an elaborate transaction, through no fault of Todd's. In fact, he acted in a way that was exemplary of what any of us would wish to encounter from another member selling gear on Headfi.

The Promitheus DAC is a well-received, moderately expensive component. When Todd advertised the item, he was aware that it had minor problems with electronic hum--problems that he had already invested a huge amount of time and effort in trying to resolve with the manufacturer. When he advertised the DAC in the Sales Forums, he went to great lengths to explain in detail precisely what the problem was and also his frustrating encounters with the manufacturer, who had offered limited support. Having advertised these problems, Todd substantially discounted the item.

When I contacted him, I asked him to explain the problems all over again, only in more detail. Todd not only replied to all of my questions thoughtfully and candidly, but at last he offered me an unconditional refund guarantee.

I've been very fortunate to deal with friendly, knowledgeable sellers in the Headfi community, but, without a doubt, Todd has been the most honest and committed vendor I have yet dealt with. I am convinced that he has sacrificed his time and profit to ensure *my* satisfaction. You can't imagine a better person to deal with or a more pleasant sales experience.

Many thanks, Todd.
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I sold Todd an iPod touch. He paid the asking price instantly and was a wonderful buyer. Have no second thoughts when dealing with him!
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I sold Todd my Buffalo32 DAC. It was a very quick and simple transaction. Would highly recommend, thanks!
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I just bought an OMZ DAC from Todd. He was very good about information/answering questions, and was very prompt with shipping. Thanks!
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I bought Todd's Juice Box Jr. and he was a great pleasure to deal with, the box arriving quickly and packed very nicely. Thanks very much mate.
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Todd sold me a pair of Pro 900's and an M^3 amp. Communication was great, he was patient, everything arrived in superb order and only 2 business days after shipment. Couldn't ask for a better transaction. Not that anyone should have any hesitation after seeing he's got 9 pages full of this stuff, but he's got my full endorsement.
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bought a hpdac and senn 280's (great deal, only 10 dollars more) from him. super friendly and helpful. looking forward to getting the goods and trying them out.
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