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I bought Todd's Eddie Current Lunch Box and all I can say is that he deserves the 11 pages of positive feedback here. Great packaging fast shipment and even gave me a printout showing me where each tube should go. My Senns never sounded better.
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I sold Todd a DAC I had put together. Communication was prompt and a pleasure and payment was fast. This is a no-brainer recommendation!
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Todd sold me what is to become on of my Favorite amps at far to cheap a price (I actually felt as if I was taken advantage of this very gracious Gentleman). Then He turns around and pays for Top Flight shipping and insurance to boot. I was dumbfounded and befuddled!! Seriously, this is why Head-Fi is the Greatest Site on Earth, people like Todd. Thank you so much Sir!
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I sold Todd my recabled HD280s at dunkin donuts today, very easy transaction and great communication. I would definitely do business with him again, thanks a lot
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Is it even necessary to testify yet again to Todd's extreme coolness as a Head-fier? Six months ago he sold me a MisterX built HPDAC. It was a perfect transaction. Then, when I'm a bit impatient to sell it and upgrade, he steps in and buys it back from me because he can't resist a good deal. It's people like this that make me feel lucky for ever stumbling on Head-Fi, despite what the damn place has done to my wallet.

Thanks Todd!
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Super Guy, Todd! Packed very well, shipped the TC-754 preamp to me immediately. I can't ask for or expect more than you provided!! Thanks Man!
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I bought an iBasso T2.

His communication is brilliant! The packaging could have survived a nuclear war and was internationally shipped quickly!

Great seller!Highly recommended
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Sold Todd a Dakiom Stabilizer. He paid promptly and communicated well.

A pleasure to deal with!
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great favor!

Todd could not sell to off-USA your DVD player Toshiba SD-9200, but to know of my intention to buy it, for an appliance with equal optical reader exhausted, and what I could not find this piece in Brazil, he very kindly is proposed to receive the piece in your address and resubmit it to Brazil.
This has been done, and the piece was resubmited in excellent packaging, enhanced!
Todd also had patience with my bad English ...
Thanks, Todd!
His kindness and attention are rare and therefore increasingly valuable!
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Originally Posted by purk View Post
I bought Todd's RKV and K1000 system and it has been an absolute pleasure. I have done numerous buys/sells in headfi and he is definitely one of the top three. Todd, again thanks you deserve my highest recommendation. Thanks for the x-tra tubes and ICs.


I quoted myself just to confirm my highest recommendation. I bought the Pico from Todd and he proceed to ship the amp/dac even before I sent the payment. Amazing seller and even nicer individual. Let's do bizz again soon (hopefully, not another 4 years from now)
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An absolutely fantastic transaction - couldn't ask for a better head-fier

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I sold my ipod and various components. Was very good to deal with and would recommend to anyone!!
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Todd is a pleasure to deal with and he packages his goods very nicely. I got a pair of K701 that came with everything in good shape. He has great communication and I would definitely deal with him again.

Just received the K271S from Todd. Again it came well-packaged and fairly quickly. Thanks again!
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-Great Deal on the Ultrasone HFI 780's!

-Incredibly Fast and Well Packaged Shipping!! A++++

-Most importantly, product in perfect condition as described!

Great Seller, smooth transaction, would love to do business with again!

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Sold Todd my amp. He responded and paid quickly. Pleasure to do business with. Thanks!
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